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Karoth'akh [Clan]

Karoth'akh [Clan]

Postby Khora2150 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 2:56 pm


World Setting Page


It began with two foster brothers, Malag'nafein and Talab'nolu, escaping to the streets of Chel in the wake of Waelsuloth's servant caste purge. To survive, they took up work with the less reputable elements of the city, and due to great amounts of luck they survived for the better parts of a decade.

One night, Malag'nafein spotted some other clan outcasts down on their luck in a tavern. Bringing over a batch of drinks, he offered a proposition to the outcasts. Join forces to pool their limited resources, that they may better survive the perils of the city.

They agreed, and the Karoth'akh were born. Larger jobs found them and their fortunes grew correspondingly over the years. After claiming an abandoned villa for their base of operations, the group slowly began to fracture on the type of work they undertook and their direction for the future. Tensions rose and that very night, Talab'nolu left his foster brother behind, taking the Karoth warriors who still clung to honorable ideals along with him.

Outraged with the perceived betrayal of his brother and the loss of almost half his fighting force, Malag'nafein grew bolder, falling to enslaving other drow and raiding trade caravans. After an unsuccessful raid in Sarghress territory turned into a massacre, Malag gathered the handful that remained and turned to hiring goblins in order to regain their former strength.

The ploy worked, preaching equality and a life of luxury, many of the downtrodden races in Chel flocked to his banner. The civil war itself was a blessing for them, there was no shortage of employers seeking soldiers and plenty of displaced drow and goblins with nothing to loose. They claimed a new seat of power in one of the abandoned districts, out of the way of the warring major clans and quietly building their power. Though for what greater purpose is unknown to all outsiders, for now.

Culture and Politics
Karoth'akh clan members operate mostly in specialized groups, each with a leader that reports to their main district for jobs and payment. The Karoth'akh district is a hive of many races living together, indulging themselves in worldly pleasures for as long as their ada lasts, before taking more assignments and repeating the cycle again.

To a casual observer, the district which even now is being rebuilt from the rubble it once was, appears as nothing more than an exotic marketplace of considerable size, and that is the way the Karoth'akh like to keep it as a facade against potential enemies.

They are known for their moral flexibility and will follow any contract agreement to the letter, though interpretation of the agreement can vary depending on the parties involved. The whole clan operates like four clans that depend on one another, each with their own leader.

Clan Relations
Val'Beldrobbaen: Neutral
Val'Kyorl'solenurn: Neutral
Val'Nal'sarkoth: Neutral
Val'Sarghress: Poor
Vel'Sharen: Good, Trading
Val'Sulissin'rune: Neutral
Vel'Vloz'ress: Neutral
Siyah'khorshed: Good, Trading

The Karoth'akh military is one based on rapid and overwhelming tactical strikes, fleeing before an organized response. As such, the vast majority of their armed forces are goblins, who cannot be detected by aura sight, and use light armor. The more capable soldiers are assessed, then reassigned to safe-houses dedicated to one task, be it assassination, misdirection, shock troops or scouts.

On the incredibly rare occasion that the Karoth'akh are needed on an open field battle, the elite warriors of the clan will be there riding into battle on the backs of dawmere, when they are not safeguarding the clan's most valued assets.

There are no race restrictions for any station among the Karoth'akh, however it is mostly drow who make up the ranks of the higher tier warriors by virtue of physical and magical prowess.

Favored Weapons
Standardised weapons are usually spears and crossbows, for the ease in operation. However most of the more combat capable troops will use their own choice of weapon, provided it is practical for their role.

Fashion & Armor
Lamellar armor is the most common, for its low cost in production and can be worn over other armor to help deflect blows. The elite or simply wealthier members of the clan will use spidersilk padding with light plate, then the lamellar hauberk on top.

When they are not on active duty, Karoth'akh generally dress however they please. The clan prides itself on freedom of choice, and the wide variety of people wearing common clothing are a useful tool for deceiving hostile scouts.

Slaves are the lifeblood of the Karoth'akh economy, and they trade great numbers of them back and forth with various other clans and guilds. An entire subhouse of the Karoth in Chel, and most of the Raveran branch devote themselves to capturing and processing more each day. They will never arm slaves however, and are viewed as a liability when hostilities ensue.

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Re: Karoth'akh [Clan]

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A shady bunch to be sure~

Nah but really nice job.
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