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Cake Zombies: A DT spoof series

Cake Zombies: A DT spoof series

Postby S.K. Ren » Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:06 am

So following the Kiel talk livestream, I gained the inspiration to draw a series of spoof posters of various horror movies poster featuring the DT cast and having them be Bread/Cake based puns. I finished the first one tonight and wanted to share it right away. I'll ink and color it later but here it is:
In this installment, Kiel is forced to confront an old foe. She already battled the evil cake once, now let's see how she does against the undead confectionery as it converts those around it into mindless zombies. Eat your heart out DT fandom, things are about to get groovy.

You can also find it on my DA Account here

You may notice I gave the shadows a bit more 'personality'... Mostly cause I got bored and felt like the poster needed more flavor. So from left to right we have Lovey Shadow, Robot Shadow, Passion Shadow, Ultros Shadow and OMG shadow.

I have plans for 5 more of these:

Cake Zombies II: The Afterparty
Featuring Chrys and Shinae

Cake Zombies III: Little Baker's Shop of Horrors
Featuring Kyo'nne, Shan and Chiri

Cake Zombies IV: 31 Flavors Later
Featuring TBA

Cake Zombies V: Rise of Cakemiser
Featuring TBA

Cake Zombies VI: The Sugar-free conspiracy
Featuring Diva
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