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Fanart: Crimson and Azure

Fanart: Crimson and Azure

Postby IronFox » Sun Mar 18, 2012 11:44 pm

Okay, this took a while. A long while, actually. But here goes:
The full version can be viewed and downloaded from here:
http://ashenshade.deviantart.com/art/Cr ... -291083696

It took months from the various initial sketches to this final shaded version. Even before then, I tossed various versions around in my head without even attempting a sketch.
Then it took no less than four complete redraws (six for the female character), before this excessively difficult character-composition was acceptable.
The female character (in blue) is supposed to be Sil'lice. Her fiery male counterpart is called Nerath Frae'elune - an original creation of mine, since I had trouble finding a male equal to her in the comic.
I assembled Sil'lice's armor from the two different armor versions in the comic. While her latter appearance was clearly more stylish, it did not allow for the freedom of movement that this composition required, and so what you see here is a bit of a hybrid.
Nerath's armor is completely original, although resembling other armor designs I made in the past.

While he did not have any story when I made the first sketches, curiosity made me wonder what kind of character he might be, and eventually I started writing a few things, too.
I can safely say that he is one of my best character designs to date, but he also turned out to be quite overkill in the drowtales world. So if you wish to ignore the story, by all means :)
It should also be said that it's based on what I assumed to be the fate of Sharess. Interestingly, it seems that there are some recent, completely different interpretations as well.
Anyway, here's a bit of what I wrote (again, if it bugs you, ignore it):

"Tenth of a generation of twelve, history barely tells of him.
Either because there is little to tell, or because no one dares remember...

What little there is, tells of a man, not of a demonic conduit or undead, as some would want him seen today. And of one transcending looking glass that cast back the reflection of Sharess's transgressions.
As she became unreal, so did he. As she forced her presence into the netherrealms, so did the netherrealms force their presence into him. It must have been a horrific sight, and a torture beyond comparison.
In many ways, the construct he became is but the echo of Sharess's actions, or perhaps the counterweight that made them possible at all.

He endures an armor of old, an ageless remnant of times unjust. Made in days long past, when undying blacksmiths had learned to form unspoken matter, and suffered the curse of divine punishment for it.
The armor is but one creation of many such, but the only of its kind. An ancient shape of unreality much like he is. Nigh indestructible, it yet offers neither comfort nor protection, but unyielding constraint, allowing his inhuman self to take a consistent form, and his mind to escape its erratic nature. A disharmonious prison where unrelenting will forever opposes incomprehensible horrors, to sustain an appearance that merely resembles the mortals in shade surrounding him: the drow. He walks as though one of them, for the common cannot distinguish.

More than this, history does not reveal. If ever he fought in wars then no records tell of those. If ever he ruled then his house and clan must have vanished without a trace.

The eldest sages know of him; most of the ruling drow know of him through age and lore. Yet few attempt to approach him, and even fewer he allows to do so."
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