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The secret of Aed'Dzen

The secret of Aed'Dzen

Postby Aerisa » Tue Jun 14, 2011 1:35 am

This is a fanfic I started working on today, for fun. I'm not sure when I'll continue it but I'll try to update it at least weekly ^_^ Hope you enjoy it!


A mysterious city that had pierced the darkness of the underworld a mere 60 years ago, after centuries of rumors about it’s existence. Discovered by Val’nalsarkorth explorers in some of the deepest reach of the underground, the city and it’s ruling family, the Val’Tzer’Liro, had quickly worked an alliance with the clan, becoming a new, but discreet, player in Drow’s politics.

For years, the Vel’Sharen had done no more than keep an eye on it. The city was distant, small compared to Chel, and unlikely to meddle in it’s affairs, being more than content to keep to their piece of the underworld. However, recent events had led Zala’ess Vel'Sharen to turn an eye to it. She was eager to establish her dominance over the Vel’Sharen clan, and a new alliance could potentially further her recongnition among the lesser houses.

It was to this end that she had sent her Grand-Daughter, Mer’neith, to visit the city as an Embassador of the Vel’Sharen clan. A potentially dangerous mission with unpredictable results, among a nation the clan had little knowledge of. Still, she had accepted, out of duty to her clan and lineage. A prospect that, despite all of her loyalty and devotion, kept nagging her thoughts.

« Have we recieved words from the envoy yet? »

« No, my Lady. »

Mer’neith hid a frown. She had many reasons to worry, currently. Based a mere moon away from the city, the Sharen Convoy had spent the last 4 days waiting for the return of their envoy, without a word. She knew full well negociations could be difficult, especially since their suddent arrival would likely have taken the rulers of this city by surprise – an effect they were fully counting on. It would likely be a week before they got their answer in order. Still, she could not help but imagine the worse.

« Send another scout. »


« Vel’Sharen, you say? »

« Yes, Honored Queen. We seek to work out a mutually beneficial relation with your city and clan. »

The tainted male looked on nervously to the display in front of him. He had expected to deliver his clan’s message to some officers and bring back an answer to his Lady a few days later. Instead, he found himself surrounded by Warriors and facing the very ruler of this city. For a member of the lowest Sharen house, this was a lot to take. The Queen looked at him, lost in her thoughts. He could not help but stare at her. Her skin was the deep amber color of the Drow’s ancestor, her hair the color of blood, her body strong and her eyes a piercing steel grey. Though he had never met her, he was certain even his Val’sharess, Diva’ratrika, could not be this intimidating.

« I have still a few days left before I am required to deliver the response, we understand this is sudden and if you need more time… »

« No, it will not be necessary. » The envoy lifted his eyes waiting for the queen to speak again. « It would be most rude of me to send you away after making so much efforts to meet us. Tell your embassador she is welcome to our city and will be our guest for as long as she requires. »

« And her escorts? »

« Will also be cathered for. Leave without fear, and come back safely. » A bright smile appeared on the face of the male as he bowed to the Queen, leaving the room escorted by the Queen’s own knights. As soon as the door closed, 10 cloaked figures marched from behind the many curtains of the room, all gathering around the throne of the Queen.

« Well, my advisors? »

« The male was completely intimidated by you, it was sooo cute! » A young, chirpy voice came from under one of the hood, soon cut short by a mature, rough male voice.

« Please, Tenth, be serious. » He cleared his throat before continuing. « You were wise in your words, my queen, however I insist that we MUST show the greatest caution toward these new ‘guest’. »

« Sixth is right, the Nal’sarkorth have spoken about these Sharen before. They are a group of elitist who believe everything is owed to them, even making a goddess out of their ancestor to ensure they are worshipped themselves. »

« True, but I admit I am curious as to their reasons for coming here. Such a long and difficult travel is unlike anything our allies said about them, especially considering what I have heard about the situation in their city. » The Queen move a lock of hair behing her ears as she made herself more comfortable on her seat.

« Then let us not worry. It is a golden opportunity to find out more about the rulers of the ‘grand’ Chel’el’sussoloth. Everything else can be dealt with in time. »
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