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Your favorite oekaki/paint chat applet

Your favorite oekaki/paint chat applet

Postby Kite » Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:13 pm

There's an opportunity to integrate the oekaki/paint chat to the forum (specifically for the art sections), and I want to have the opinion of you artistic people about this. I wanted to offer this alternative since the the current oekaki might be removed this year.

1: The new integration will have to be a clean installation of oekaki (meaning, no accounts on it). The oekaki we have been running these past years is sadly too ancient to be carried over intact. I'll have the possibility explored none-the-less, but keep in mind that any drawings made on there may not last past this year. If you want to save your pictures, I suggest going in and downloading them soon. (I'll keep a backup somewhere, though.)

2: Phpbb2 once had a mod that integrated oekaki poteto, in the sense that they carried over the same account logins so that you only had to register once to use both. As far as I know there isn't anything similar for phpbb3, but this method is perhaps the most straight forward since there's already a working example (I'm not a programmer though, so I have no idea). This is the possibility I wanted to explore when I first brought up the project, but conflicting account logins complicate this, rendering it impractical due to the amount of time needed to make it work without making phpbb3 accounts fail.

3: If we don't end up carrying over the current oekaki (which is very likely), we have a chance to use a new kind of oekaki applet. I'm not very familiar with the oekaki scene, but I understand that many of you are. Do you prefer the one that is currently running, or is there a different one you prefer? It has to be free (and released under GNU public license), but I'll consider paid ones too if they're not terribly expensive.

Regardless, tell me about the oekaki apps you use, and if you've used a broad range of them, their pros and cons. The one I'm currently looking at is chibipaint, but I haven't tested it so I don't know how it differs from oekaki poteto.

4: I want to do a deep integration of oekaki into the phpbb3 forum, which will go farther than just similar accounts. Ideally, it may be that the oekaki drawing applet is ripped out and reprogrammed into phpbb3, using the forum's comment threading and account profile systems, making 'New Drawing' just a new thread type, like 'New Poll'. I expect this to be an expensive alternative but a very interesting one. :) (if it can be turned into a phpbb3 mod, I will have it shared under GNU so that others can use and hopefully improve it.)

Most people already have their own art programs, be it Photoshop, Paint, or opencanvas, so I don't know how useful it would prove to be in the end. :)
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