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Surface Wars: Prologue

Surface Wars: Prologue

Postby Durlyn Val'Sarghress » Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:00 pm

Hi, this is a fanfic I made for fun, originally had it on deviantart but since this is where all DT fans really frequent I decide to bring it here so I could finally see what ya guys think of it (took me long enough to develop a spine no? XD ). Anywho, this may or may not continue this story depending on how well its received or might go back and redo it (its my first DT story so I'll let you guys be the judge of whether I need to go back to the drawing board or not ^^; ).

Anywho, I hope ya guys enjoy (and be warned, it may still require some revision yet, I appreciate any constructive critique to help improve it). The Drowtales worldsetting and the character Gailen Val'Nal'sarkoth belongs to the series creator Kern Yagnew.

Oh, special note, the term Sha'nei & its details and aspects were thought up by Suntiger for an old Relic Hunter storyline, I borrowed the term with his permission.

Everyone else in the story belong to me >;3

Surface Wars: Prologue


Durlyn Val'Sarghress

"And then I said, that's not a goblin, that's my mate! AHAHAHAHA!" guffawed a muscular and jovial woman dressed in green armor & a silver metal hat, her comrades gathered around the campfire breaking out into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

"Oh sweet Sharess that's priceless Hari'ette!" cackled a tall but thin female with a spear slung over her shoulder, slapping a gloved hand to her armored knee as the mirth flowed out of her.

"No more! Please, no more! My sides are splitting!" giggled a third female, this one with long flowing yellow dyed hair and a curvy figure.

"Yes, hilarious dear" grumbled a short, sour faced male with his arms crossed, clearly not sharing his teammate's amusement in Hari'ette's joke.

"Oh come now dear, you know I'm only jesting" Hari'ette consoled her displeased and diminutive mate, moving in to plant a big smooch on his cheek, only to find herself kissing the back of his gauntlet's encased hand.

"Yeah, yeah, tell it to the Haledri, cuz that's who you're sleeping with tonight "chuckles" Hari'ette's mate replied as he stormed off, the rest of the squad laughing even harder than before as Hari'ette tried to call her lover back, their haledri mounts snorting noisily as if joining in their masters' laughter.

"Oh come on baby it was only a joke!"

"One you tell at my expense at least a dozen times every expedition Hari'ette, its gotten old."

"Well…I…That is…At least tell me where you're going Mori! The tents are in the other direction!"

"I'm going to check on the Major and the others inside the ruins, they've been gone much longer than they said they'd be" Mori replied, genuine concern etched in his voice as he drew his crossbow and loaded it, just in case.

"Then I'll go with you…" Hari'ette began to say, picking up her axe and standing up to follow Mori until he replied firmly "No need, I'll be back soon."

"Well…Fine, be that way then, damn males, can't live with em, can't live without em…" snarled Hari'ette as she returned to her spot around the campfire, cussing under her breath, her good mood spoiled for the evening.

"Unless you're a Jaal'darya of course, but then where'd be the fun in that?" jeered the thin spearwoman.

"Oh, go suck a drider Ester" Hari'ette spat back, tearing off a piece of meat from the wild deer they had managed to catch and cook for dinner.

"My word, I hope they aren't going to break up, will they Lora?" asked the team's youngest member, a handsome fifty something male with short, green dyed hair and a pet tiktikki sleeping comfortably in his arms.

"Never fear Lord Gailen, trust me, those two go at it like this every trip, but they always kiss and make up afterward" replied Lora, the curvy female with the yellow dyed hair, wrapping an arm around the worried Val and winking knowingly.

"Amongst other things, heehee" giggled Ester yet again, making Gailen blush and Lora smirk.

The four remaining drow around the campfire as well as the fifth who'd ventured into the massive elven city ruins they'd made base camp outside of were on a mission much like a hundred other missions they'd been on before in the past, explore and uncover any valuable relics that their employers, the Nal'sarkoth clan, could sell for profit back in Chel'el'susuloth. The stone buildings of what must have once been a grand and wondrous city were engulfed in vines and foliage, centuries worth of plant growth and decay having concealed it from other relic hunters for Sharess knew how long. They had only stumbled across this place due to rumors and reports of other relic hunters having ventured into these woods on several different occasions, but never coming back out again. This was not as surprising or as intimidating you might think, many commoners leave the familiarity of the Underworld to seek their fortune hunting treasure on the surface, but most of them are far from being as skilled or well equipped as professional relic hunters like the Nal'sarkoth explorers or their rivals, the Sarghresss Highland Raiders. Regardless, Lord Gailen had taken a personal interest in these rumors and managed to convince his mother, Lady Ini'riia Val'Nal'sarkoth, that it was worth looking into, especially since the woods were just beyond Nagyesced's remains, what used to be Hermoine controlled territory, those human invaders from across the sea having been crushed several decades ago, leaving whatever elven ruins that had formerly been unreachable within their domain up for grabs.

After several weeks of searching they finally found the place, a squad of ten mercenaries led by an experienced explorer named Il'dyna, their orders being to uncover and bring back any valuables and ascertain if the ruins potential worth warranted a larger exploratory team (and to protect the adventure seeking Lord Gailen from harm at ALL costs, per his mother's explicit orders). Il'dyna had opted to go inside to search for relics with four others backing her up, leaving the five campers outside to stand guard over their mounts and Gailen. That had been several hours ago, night had long since fallen and though drow were most at home in the dark of night, it still worried them that their usually punctual commanding officer and the rest of their comrades were long overdue. As for Mori, he'd been gone for about an hour, far longer than should be expected since Il'dyna had said they'd not go too far into the ruins without the rest of the squad. The clearing they made camp in gave them a perfect view of the moons above and the stars in the sky, making for a beautiful celestial display despite the occasional annoyance of a buzzing surface insect.

"Damn skeeters, how much ya wanna bet it was the blood sucking flying pests that drove our ancestors underground instead of the demons, eh?" cursed Lora as she swatted at the offending mosquitoes that pestered her

"Here Lora, let me help" replied Gailen, the young sorcerer drawing a seed from a pouch at his side and planting it in the ground a short distance from them and the campfire.

The others stopped to watch as their Val then placed his hand over the planted seed, a look of concentration on his boyish face as he poured his mana into the seed, then stepped back to watch his handiwork.

"Lord Gailen, what exactly…SHARESS!" Lora began to say as up from the earth sprouted a towering mana plant taller than any of them gathered there and as thick as a person's arm.

The bright green plant gave off a most wondrous smell, like sweet honey, and had a series of brightly colored azure blue flowers littered across its surface, each of which glowed with a natural phosphorescence. Shortly thereafter, the pesky insects that had been bothering all of them began to swarm around the plant, drawn inexplicably to its delightful smell and heavenly glow. Gailen smiled with pride as the mercs gasped once again as they observed the beautiful flowers snapping shut on all the bugs within reach of their lovely but lethal petals.

"By the nine eyes of Sharess, what in the Abyss is that?!" inquired Ester, never having seen such a plant in all her travels on the surface.

"A new species of mana plant I've developed by crossing a few different species of insect eating surface plants with a couple of light producing underworld plants. Once I figure out how to mass produce them effectively I figure these plants will turn a nice profit, pleasing to the eye as well as effective for pest control and establishing mana pools" Gailen replied, happy to have a chance to test out one of his new hybrid mana flowers in the field.

"Well now, who knew having a Val around could be so helpful? Now how can I repay you? Hhmm?" Lora replied, leaning against Gailen and tracing circles over his armor with her finger, the nobleman blushing fervently at the attractive older female's attention.

"Hahahaha, careful my lord, Lora there likes to rock the cradle if ya catch my drift, heheheheh" cackled Ester as Lora continued to tease the wood sorcerer, nibbling on his left ear with a hungry look in her eyes as Gailen sweated nervously.

"Pretty flower milord, but Mori and the others should have been back by now…I'm gonna go take a look and see what's keeping them…" Hari'ette said as she picked up her axe and headed toward the ruins after her comrades and missing mate, a grim look of determination on her face.

"Hari'ette really, the commander probably just found something really interesting in there and decided to take the extra time to look it over, you know how she is when she finds some ancient doodad from way back when, she becomes dead to the world" Ester replied.

"And what about Mori eh? He would have at least come back to tell us what's up in there" Hari'ette spat back, concern and a tiny hint of panic etched into her usually upbeat voice.

"Sigh…I pity any drowlings you and Mori have in future Hari'ette, you'll probably seal them in an impenetrable bubble whenever they get the tiniest boo boo! AHAHAHA!" Ester cackled.

"Oh shut yer…Mori! There ya are sweet cheeks, where were you? We've been worried sick!" Hari'ette scolded as her mate appeared at the gate entrance to the city, stone faced and unperturbed by his mate's outburst.

"What do ya mean we?" chuckled Ester with the most toothsome grin she could manage, evoking stifled chuckles from the rest of the group, even Gailen, who had to admit these commoners were much more fun to be around than he'd expected, feeling like he was part of the team and not just the son of their employer who needed to be babysat.

"By all the moons in the sky Ester would you shut your trap?! And as for you Mr., what the Hel kept you so long? Did ever find the others…Mori, baby, whats wrong with your eyes?"

Mori's eyes were blank and unfocused, seemingly staring out into space, past Hari'ette as though she were not even there. Tears were running down his face, but his expression remained emotionless, not giving away what exactly was the source of his tears.

"Mori? Mori answer me, what's wrong? Is the boss and the others alright? Why are you crying? Damnit Mori answer me!" Hari'ette said, grasping her mate by the shoulders and shaking him, trying to snap him out of whatever trance he seemed to be in, thinking he must of seen something so horrible he'd retreated into himself…She'd seen such things happen to other mercs in the past but never thought it could happen to a veteran like her sweet Mori.

She stopped her attempts to bring him out of it however once she heard a soft metallic clinking sound echo off her armor, looking down to see Mori's crossbow pointed directly into her gut.

She looked up into Mori's empty, weeping eyes one more time and said "Mori?…AGGGH!" as her mate fired several armor piercing, mana charged crossbow bolts into her gut, shattering her armor like pottery and spilling her blood and intestines out into the cold night air, her figure falling flat to the ground, her axe slipping from her hands.

"HARI'ETTE!" shrieked Lora as she watched one of her oldest friends shot full of metal by her own mate, another old friend whom she'd know for years and yet who was even now reloading his repeating crossbow to fire at the rest of them.

"Mori…you…YOU SON OF A BITCH!" screamed Ester, her cackling laughter and sly grin gone and replaced by a voice and expression twisted by rage as with a wave of her hands the campfire flared up and birthed a fireball which she flung at the traitorous Mori with all her might, the bowman falling backwards from the force of the attack, flaming enveloping his body.

Lori wasted no time rushing to Hari'ette's side, hoping her skills as team medic would not fail her now. She knelt in the dirt beside her fallen friend, who had gone into shock and kept murmuring Mori's name over and over as Lori went to work, carefully removing the crossbow bolts and pieces of armor shards from her belly so she could put her blood and bone sorceries to work. However, despite her hope that her friend would live, years of experience as a healer told her at first glance that no one could survive this amount of damage…Though that wouldn't stop her from trying. Gailen meanwhile was in complete and total shock, still sitting by the campfire, trying to register what the hell had just happened. These particular mercs had come highly recommended by his mother, having worked for the clan for about two centuries, much longer than most, and though Mori had argued with Hari'ette on and off during the trip he'd never seen any signs of genuine murderous intent from him, just typical couple squabbles.

"Hey, you alright milord?" Ester said, gently shaking Gailen out of his trance.

"Y…Yes, quite fine Ester, I…I just wish I could say the same for Hari'ette…" Gailen said, watching as Lori desperately struggled to save their dying comrade, Mori's burning corpse still smoldering a short distance away.

"You and me both Milord, stay here by the fire please, I'm just gonna double check something" Ester requested as she strode with purpose past Hari'ette and Lori and over to Mori's body.

He was hideously burned, his flesh eaten away by the flames, his hair and cloak reduced to ashes and his eyes sizzling in their sockets.

"Mori…Goddess damn it, why'd ya do it? I know Hari'ette's a bitch sometimes but why go so far? She loved you asshole, we all did…" Ester growled, fighting back tears as she kicked him in the side before turning her back to return to the rest of the group….But letting out a gasp of shock as she felt the grip of the very dead Mori's hand wrapped around her ankle.

"Uuuuggghhhh…" moaned the living corpse as it held on to Ester's leg with all the remaining might in its right hand, reaching up at her with its free left hand.

"BLOODY HEL!" exclaimed Ester as she sliced the dead man's hand off, freeing her leg before decapitating him with a second blow, receiving yet another shock as the man's severed head crumbled into smoldering dirt along with the rest of his body, anyone possessing aura vision would have also been able to see Mori's purplish aura dissipating into the air as well.

"Ester! What's going on?" Lora asked, not looking up from her work for fear of fouling up her operation.

"Hari'ette's psycho mate rose up from the grave to seek his revenge before turning to dirt before my eyes, that's what!" Ester shrieked, gasping for breath in response to this latest and most unsettling surprise this horrid night produced.

"Summoning…Old school summoning from the looks of it" Gailen said, standing up and taking a few tentative steps forward, knowing his mother had taken Elendlari training at Orthorbbae in her youth and still possessed that knowledge even though it had largely fallen out of practice with the rise and later fall of nether summoning.

"A summoning? You mean someone killed Mori and….GACK!" exclaimed Ester as blood gurgled out her mouth, the air behind her shimmering as pair of bloodstained hands and a sword appeared before her slit throat.

"Shit! Lori look out…ACK!" gasped Gailen as he suddenly felt all the strength in his body leave him as he fell limply to the ground, unconscious.

"Whats happening? Ester! Lord Gailen!" Lori shouted as she charged two mana bolts in her hands and prepared to fire at whoever was attacking her friends, only to find herself falling face first into the dirt as something heavy attacked her from behind, her voice silenced by a pair of fangs that sank into her throat.

"Well, that was easy, eh brother?" sighed a bored masked woman dressed in black and green ninja attire that shimmered into view over Ester's corpse, a ring on her finger absorbing Ester's aura, Mori's had dissipated already.

"Disappointingly so sister" replied a second voice, this one that of a masked man who emerged from his hiding place amongst the trees outside the Nal'sarkoth campsite, dressed in similar camouflaged clothing.

"Grrrr, Jakk do good? Jakk good boy?" growled the massive black furred feral who'd torn open Lora's unarmored throat, just as his masters had trained him to do since he was a kitten.

"Yes, Jakk is a very good boy" giggled the masked woman, petting the hulking catman on the head, eliciting a steady purring sound from his throat as she went about the business of sealing Lora's soul as well.

"Hel yeah, good job Black Jakk my man, there'll be something extra in your food dish tonight" promised the masked man as he absorbed inspected Gailen, the only surviving Nal'sarkoth, sleeping soundly with a tranquilizer dart imbedded in the back of his neck.

"Hmph, the tranquilizer dart brother? Why not finish him like the rest of them?" the woman inquired, hating to leave a job unfinished, a kunai already in her hand to slit the sleeping Val's throat.

"No can do sis, the Lord Ljon'tyr will want this black devil alive" her brother replied.

"And why exactly is tha…Oh, that thing" she replied as she took note of the glowing flower Gailen had produced with his wood sorcery earlier.

"Yes, THAT thing, if it is what I think it is, it could solve at least one of the many obstacles we've been trying to overcome for a while now…I'll take the black devil sis, you uproot the freaky flower, CAREFULLY" he warned as he lifted up Gailen and slung him over his shoulders, his sister doing as instructed, gasping at first when the petals snapped at her, but getting the job done when she realized they couldn't harm her.

"Hat for Jakk? Hat for Jakk?" growled the bipedal feline as he picked up Gailen's fallen Nal explorer helmet and placed on his head, big yellow eyes looking pleadingly at his masters.

"Hahaha, yes yes, hat for Jakk, you silly six foot fur ball" giggled the female as the three of them made their way back into the city, Jakk helping out by slinging Lora's corpse over his shoulder and then dragging Ester's and Hari'ette's along with his clawed hands.

The haledri, the only living witnesses to their master's fate had been unable to flee during all the commotion, their reigns staked securely to the ground and their herd instincts telling them stick together, the great beasts snorting fearfully as they stamped their feet in place as the strangers left them in peace…For now. Gailen's pet tiktikki had rushed off into the underbrush long ago, with its master capture the little reptile would have to face the perils of the overworld on its own, but at least it was free.

Sometime later, the trio arrived in the heart of the city, where stood a towering palace, no doubt where the dark elf queen of this ruined kingdom resided before the Fall. The palace was barely recognizable as such beyond its superior size and ornate architecture compared to the smaller buildings around it, for it had a single massive tree growing straight out of its crumbling roof along with the same vines and moss that consumed the rest of the city. Standing before the entrance to the city was a sizable gathering the likes of which would give even the most experienced of surface explorers cause for pause. Orc mercenaries clad in primitive armor and brandishing clubs could be seen tending to various tasks from guarding the perimeter with "watch feral" partners to feeding enormous wildcats, lynxes! Cats large enough to carry riders, many of which were doing exactly that as they stalked silently about the grounds, or stood motionless in place, their long black tipped ears picking up every footstep stepped, every word spoken, resembling great stone guardians with their grayish coats. There were more than goblins and cats present in this unlikely band however, one could see men and women dressed in green and black uniforms similar to those worn by the masked brother and sister, as well as warriors clad in silver hued full plate body armor of ancient design, not unlike that found in Sarghress highland raiders…Only these individuals were clearly vanir, light elves, by the color of their skin rather than drow.

The trio walked past their many comrades and ascended the steps leading to the palace's main entrance, where one could find mana specialists hard at work removing the centuries worth of plant life that barred their entry inside, some burning away at the plants with mana bolts and fire sorcery while others used golem saws to cut it away or wood sorcery to move it aside. However, overseeing the mana specialist teams at work was tall, armored male with long golden blonde hair done up in a braided ponytail, his cloak colored a commander's red and his fingers adorned with gem studded rings. Beside him were two beautiful females, one black haired and donning armor similar to that of her lord only with a serrated golem shield on her left arm and a cutlass at her hip, and the other brown haired, carrying a staff riddled with foci gems, and clad in a midriff baring blue halter top and long skirt with slits up the sides for her long, bare legs. Kneeling respectfully before the armored male was another green and black clad ninja, who appeared to be in the middle of delivering a report.

"…And he has continued to ignore all advice given unto him by the warriors and sha'nei you appointed to serve as his advisors during your absence milord, hence why I appear before you now, as you instructed me to do so should he fail to follow the guidelines you had laid down for him before embarking on this latest campaign" the ninja said, taller and more powerfully built than his lord's attendants but still dwarfed in comparison to him.

"I see…And how long have these games of his gone on for? How many slaves have been sacrificed for the sake of his amusement?" spoke the elven lord, his deep voice sounding bored and tired but not at all surprised by this development, as though he had expected it.

"For several weeks now Milord, his actions grow bolder the longer you are away from base I fear. The slaves used in the games were mostly humans at first, halmes and hermoine, useful for labor but otherwise expendable and no great loss, but as he grew weary of watching goblins pitted against goblins…"

"He decided to liven things up by throwing in a few black devils here and there, correct? I care not for the fate of the humans Spymaster, they are plentiful and easy enough to replace, but I do need to know how many of our black devil slaves Lo'konn has wasted in these games, for as you know they serve a far greater purpose to our long term plans for the future than simply labor force and are not as easily replaced."

"Ten my lord, ten slaves were killed in Lo'konn's games, again against the better advise of his advisors" the Spymaster replied.

"…I see, how unfortunate" the elven lord replied, showing no outward hint of anger beyond the sound of his ring clad fingers clenching together.

"I knew that little brat couldn't be trusted to behave himself while we were away, sixty years old and he still acts like a damn child" growled the armored female.

"I apologize for my little brother's poor judgment Lord Ljon'tyr, his shame is my shame, and that of the entire Wildcat Tribe" the staff carrying woman apologized, head bowed.

"No, Gyr'dana, Lo'konn's childish actions and shameful behavior are his alone to bare, neither you nor your tribe, both of whom have served me well since the beginning, are to blame. He's a man now and he needs to start acting like one, clearly being left in charge of the base while we were away was too great a responsibility for him to handle just yet" Ljon'tyr consoled Gyr'dana, her bare stomach bearing a sun tattoo and her right arm a golden bracelet, both of which were symbols of a sha'nei, a light elf shaman.

"I just thought he'd changed, he did well in leading the troops against those slavers we found looting the halmes villages under our control, I took it as a sign of maturity" Gyr'dana sighed in disappointment, wondering if her troublesome sibling would ever grow up.

"The lad won one campaign and got himself a big head, plain and simple, let me get a hold of him when we get back and I'll knock some wisdom into his empty skull my Lord" the black haired woman offered with a grin, banging armored fist to shield for emphasis.

"You shall do no such thing Shieldmaiden Tor'lan, I shall talk sense into my wayward brother upon our return" Gyr'dana protested, free hand on shapely hip as she poked Tor'lan's breastplate with her staff in warning.

"Don't you dare touch me with that glorified walking stick, Village Witch, Lo'konn will never learn from his mistakes if you don't pry his lips from your teats!" Tor snarled as she whacked it away with her shield.

The two of them were clearly about to descend into a rather heated argument, that was until Ljon'tyr turned his golden yellow eyes away from the mana specialists at work and faced them both, his boyishly handsome face exuding majestic nobility and cold hard authority as he said "Enough, I won't have Lo'konn's misconduct pit my closest advisor and my most trusted bodyguard against one another, I and I alone will deal with him upon my return to base, AFTER we recover the relics we seek within this graveyard city, is that understood?"

"Aye Milord" both ladies replied at once, bowing slightly and blushing mildly in embarrassment.

"Spymaster Rhen'lee, you will return to base with your men and inform Lo'konn that he has been relieved of duty as Acting Commander in Chief and that Froz'tak shall be taking over his duties, that should put an end to this nonsense for now."

"Excellent choice Milord, Lo'konn is horrified of Froz'tak" Tor'lan replied with a chuckle.

"Your will be done Milord" Rhen'lee answered, returning to his feet and descending down the steps to face the two younger agents and their feral, saying "Good luck young ones, do the Watchers proud."

"Thankyou Spymaster" they replied, bowing lowly to the leader of their covert unit as he left to attend to his own mission, they meanwhile dropped the corpses of their fallen prey and lowered Gailen's unconscious form to the ground before kneeling before their lord and commander as the Spymaster had done before, only they bowed even more lowly.

"Lord Ljon'tyr, you were correct in your suspicion that there were more black devils stationed outside the city's gates, thanks to the distraction provided by the feylorn you lent us Black Jakk, Frenja, and I were able to easily overtake them. Here are the rings you lent us, all filled with the captured auras of the intruders, as you requested" spoke up the male of the trio as he and his sister returned the rings, removing his hood and mask to reveal a young male's face still in his fifties or late forties, a scar running across the bridge of his nose and his red hair cut short.

"Excellent work Jeo, but I see you allowed this one to live, why?" Ljon'tyr inquired with a raised eyebrow as he gladly took back the soulmir rings and returned them to their proper place upon his fingers.

"Milord, we witnessed this black devil Val perform a feat of wood sorcery resulting in the creation of the unusual flower my sister is carrying" Jeo explained, pointing to the prize in his sister's hands.

Ljon'tyr's eyes widened in wonder as he observed the aura given off by the strange flower, a small grin appearing on his face as he asked "Gyr'danna, is that what I think it is?"

"Indeed it is Milord, though its aura has faded somewhat from being uprooted but that is definitely a mana flower…I'd read about them and seen pictures of them in my village archives, but I'd never thought I'd actually get to see a living specimen, they're supposed to be extinct since the demons devoured them all along with the dryads" Gyr'danna explained gingerly taking the flower from Frenya's hands and looking it over carefully.

"So what? It's a flower, an ugly one at that if you ask me, how's it going to be of any use to us beyond ending up as a specimen in Gyr'danna's mana lab when we get back?" Tor inquired, unimpressed by the bizarre looking plant, far more interested in taking the relics within the city in the name of her lord.

"Aw, my dear Tor'lan, this flower could potentially be more valuable to us than all the treasure we may find within this ruined palace…Assuming we can get this young man to produce more of them for us when he wakes up of course" Ljon'tyr proclaimed as he picked up Gailen by the front of his armor with a single powerful hand and stared at him long and hard, his eyes glowing eerily with mana as Gailen suddenly snapped awake, clearly distressed but for some reason unable to move.

"Greetings young one, I have some questions I'd like to ask of you concerning that lovely flower you produced, you will answer all of them, truthfully, is that understood?"

Gailen sweated profusely, his face contorting in pain, as though he wanted to tell him to fuck off but was unable to form the words, when he suddenly gasped out "Yes….cough!"

"aw yes, just what I wanted to hear."

The End
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