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Audio Drama: World in Flames

Audio Drama: World in Flames

Postby Blickwinkel » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:35 am

The Nidraa'chal War has alot of untapped potential for an audio drama. For the characters, fanon of course, who lived during that period, I thought it would be interesting to create a short audio drama. It would be about five to ten minutes. I currently have a rough script that I started a few days back. I originally wrote the Doomknight poem about a year back as a gag piece, but debated about creating a serious work.

Edwyn Tiong's works always interested me. When I was a kid, I used to watch the works he voiced in (Xin, etc) and after hearing the quality of his audio dramas for drowtales, I thought it would be interesting to create something in that vain. I have a list of the roles available for the short piece. I will be narrating the main character, but need strong, dedicated people who like to voice act. Even if you do not have previous experience, I think it would be a great fan project.

This is a personal segment from my own character's background, but I am open to future projects that deal with fanon characters(DTRPG, short stories, etc)

Dathar: Blickwinkel
Kalatha: Available
Kyorl Warden: Available
Kyorl Blade: Available
Tainted Drowolath Female Refugee: Available
Paranoid Male Drowssu Refugee: Available

This project does not have a specific deadline or process. This is my first "major" project and is just as much a learning experience for me as it is for the voice actors involved. You can post in the thread, pm me privately, or send me an email at rookarun@hotmail.com.
This is a short, concise audio play, so depending on the number of people involved, a few actors could potentially act out two roles or more. Voice manipulation is a definite plus, but audio progamming can also create a variety of solutions for people with limited vocal range.

Let's make this a great project, everyone :P

Note to Voice Actors: I'll create a quick character description detailing each character and how they should be portrayed. Ask which role you want specificly or send a personal monolague(keep it tight, no more than 30 to 1 minute) to my email address.

Skype is my preferred means of communication for questions and answers.

edit* cast has been streamlined in accordance with world setting and for sake of conciseness.
Update: Looking for females interested in role of Kalatha and Warden. Send me a pm.
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