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The Tale of Terash'hi City - Prologue

The Tale of Terash'hi City - Prologue

Postby Najah » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:04 am

[Formerly Jarle'Dro Saga, Formerly a FanComic, Now a Fanfic] - Currently in the Editing Process, finding all the bugs, adding more info to help you understand Terash'hi.

[Open to Comments After Posting, Be kind.]

Authors Note: I am deeply sorry for all the people who I promised to put their characters into this project. If I wasted your time and effort I'm sorry if you had high hopes. But my idea changed and I decided to keep it all self-created OC's. This is probably the only place my OC's will go. Sorry to my friends in FFRPG. I am not inspired to post anymore.

Introduction to Terash'hi, it's clan, and it's heroes.

Far away from the treachery and chaos of Chel'el'sussoloth and Orthrobbae, where Ilharesses of great clans make alleigences, and the common folk always seem to suffer, away from the city of Val'Raveran where the non-tainted have sanctuary, where traders sell their goods, and away from the main population in general, was a small cold city named Terash'hi. A city in a place where the Ilharesses words have little power, where ice surrounds the caverns and snow falls from the cracks in the thick frosted ceiling above this is an isolated paradise for those who do not wish to be found. The ceiling of the caves are made of ice, which allow an eerie blue light to drift down from above during the day. A cold ice fog comes out during the night, and if you are caught out in it long enough, you will freeze . . . to death.

The city spreads along the walls of the caverns, carved into the very rocks and ice, and modified with mana to make it habitable, to block out the cold. Nothing lives on the floor of the caverns of Terash'hi, the monsterous snowbanks constantly shift to the point it is impossible to build on, and there are few who would dare to travel into it's mass unknowing of their destination. Many a trader have been lost to the bluffs of snow, or to the monster bears lurking beneath it attempting to catch a stray reindeer, elk, or anything else unlucky to wander into the open snow. It is due to this fact, without an armed and well organized caravan, nothing navigates the wastelands.

Terash'hi has many features, a market, an entertainment district, residential quarters for commoners, as well as it's own small, local school, Lumin'loth, where the local youth attend in groups of male or female. The school has a common ground where both genders can meet and greet. Beyond the doors of each school females and males cannot enter the other tower unless they are teachers voicing a complaint or discussing issues with other proffessors.

While the major clans in Chel have very little authority over Terash'hi, local clans have established their home and power in this nearly inhospitable land. Anyone from Chel would have almost never heard of them, unless they had relic hunters, which were always trying to visit Terash'hi and it's area for rare treasures. And the story would be likewise anywhere else. Save for those relic-hunters, no-one would realise they exist.

The main clans in Terash'hi are the Jarle'Dro, the Zil'Kwarda, and the Indary. Each have their own way of life, and this story will explore each clan, their reason, their methods, and their lifestyles.

The popular clan with all the races of Terash'hi is the Jarle'Dro. Their Illhar Ishaku runs the clan with a tolerence for all races, sexes, and conditions. Human or Drowoloth, Child or Old, Tainted or Untainted, all are welcome in the Jarle'Dro. Illhar Ishaku, a drowoloth, is also the first Illhar to 'pay' her slaves in something other than food, bed, and the excuse to live. She pays them with ada.

Ishaku's mate is the commander of the army, Sir Wick'ken is a drowoloth with many years experience as a warrior, and adores his mate with all his heart. Ishaku has three daughters and one son, the eldest daughter and heir is the Lady Belldae, who is mated to the soldier Ashen. Her youngest daughters, natural twins, are Layle and Delphine. And her only son, Keru'bei, commands the armies along with his father.

With Ishaku, as her head bodyguard, is Vissess, a ver'drowendar that came to Terash'hi nearly on death's doorstep from the cold. She is a former Vloz'ress who ran away from her clan when she was separated from her troope. She was tainted in early life and forced to work for the Vlozress, and she owes Ishaku her life and loyalty, and therefore she stays by her side.

There are several other important characters in this clan. The beer-buddies Keg and Zag the dwarves, The humans being the old and wise Norse Halbren and his adoptive Emberi daughters Asuka and Sasoko. Dennar, the former drowussu who ran away from the Kyorl because of their extreme fanatacism, is captain of the guard. Those at the outpost as well as supporters all over town are allies to the Jarle'Dro, and therefore their allies.

The Zil'Kwarda, led by a ver'drowendar, are the major merchant clan of the city who set and raise prices of goods within Terash'hi. Their Ilharess Valentee has rose-colored hair and regal velvet robes. Illhar Valantee is calculating and clever, and she uses the pity of others to make herself look humble and trusting. She once was a Sharen . . maybe she still is.

Pennari and Jinette are her daughters, Pennari the oldest of the two is Valentee's heir. Pennari is spoiled and cruel, wanting only happiness for herself than others. Jinette is a follower, she follows her sister around doing whatever she's told. If one day Pennari does become the Illhar of the clan, she could give Jinette a desirable position, ada, or more, if she remains loyal to her sister.

Lastly the Indarys is a clan of traders and exporters who work with both the Jarle'Dro for supplies scavenged from the wilderness, and the Zil'Kwarda to price and sell their goods to the market. They control the export, and work with companies that do trade with other major trading clans such as the Illhardro. Illhar Sadena has voiced neutrality unless attacked if an event ever came up, if she or her clansmen were attacked she declares she will side with whoever is against the attackers. Her children include her son Hasair, and her daughter Gena'na.

The stage is set, the start of the story begins on a cold and misty morning in the Jarle'dro complex, where our heroines wake to the frosty morning . .

[To Be Continued in Chapter One]
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