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An Era'daryin's tale

An Era'daryin's tale

Postby Sceth_Arkis » Tue Jun 24, 2008 5:17 am

A short crossover story i decided to put together out of boredom. The story is of drowtales, of course, and a fantasy story i have been working on. I have been wanting to work on how i write each character, So this gives me a reason to. The story opens with an attack on a city in another world, Which ends with the lead finding his way to the drowverse and discovering the demons that infest it's world.

Chapter one

Demonic Entry

Flames tore through the city of Ortiumus as its people fled the intense heat. None could believe what was happening to their home, their city. The gem of the world, the capital of the Rynsharad Empire, it was in ruin in less than an hour. Many stood frozen in place as they stared in to the night sky. The clouds were alit with fire, making some believe it was the end of the world. Bursting from the cloud layer, a beast of fire and iron sprayed the city once more with a shower of fire. Men, women and children were reduced to ash with out hesitation or remorse. The creature glided over head, its body illuminated by the flames it had set. A shell of blackened iron held its body together, for all that composed it were amber flames. The flames swirled and flowed like loose magma under its darkened metal hide. The closest image to describe the creature could only be that from a fantasy of dragons and knights. Their robes scorched and darkened, the remaining Elemental weavers gathered outside the eight towers for a last attempt to defend their home. Taking what moister they could from the earth and sky, the elemental weavers struck back. Jets of ice and water flew at the beast at great force. However, even this mighty display brought about by countless weavers was but a futile gesture. The water turned to steam upon the beasts hide; the ice melted and shared the same fate.

“It’s pointless!” Gravic Thorne shouted as his legs went numb and he tumbled to his knees.

“We can’t give up! We have to continue to fight!” A fellow elemental weaver shouted as he rose to his feet.

Grasping the furthiral shard around his neck, Gravic took to his feet once more as his eyes rose to the beast. Hovering above them, the beast let its body drop to the ground before the weavers. Rearing back, the beast of fire let a low growl fill its throat. Its metal jaw cracked open as flames began to build towards the creatures head.

“Run!” A voice shouted as the weavers began to flee.

Lowering its head, the monster let the flames from its mouth explode forth. The flames flowed forward like a tidal wave, spanning outward as they struck the ground. The fire licking at his back, Gravic fell to the ground as he attempted to shield his head with his hands. However, the burning pain never came. Raising his head, Gravic turned to watch as Skyth Arkis held his right hand in the flames. The flames flowed towards his hand, drawn in by an unseen force. As the flames died, Skyth held his smouldering hand out. The silver gauntlet covering his hand simmered with heat as soft flames flicked across its surface. Though the flames had been contained, Skyth’s right arm had been severely burnt from the intense heat. Cringing as the air itself brought pain to his burns, Skyth gritted his teeth as he drew his hand back. Swinging his arm forward a fireball flew from his metal finger tips. Striking the beast above the brow the fire ball ignited in a brilliant display of power. Dazed by the blast the beast stumbled back before falling to its belly.

“I have to get it out of here” Skyth muttered as he took a step forward as the beast began to rise.

“What are you talking about? We have to get out of here, Skyth, the city is lost!” Gravic shouted as he climbed to his feet.

“I have a plan.”

“What do you mean you have a plan!? You never have a plan!”

“No, no, I have a plan this time.” Skyth said as he began to step towards the beast.

Stopping in front of the creature, Skyth raised his metal coated hand to protect his face from the heat. Lowering its head to inspect the small being that had approached it, the creatures of flames let its mouth open softly.

“You are going to be a nuisance; you should know all this is on your head. You should have just given yourself up.” The beast spoke, its voice appearing to emanate from its eyes rather then its mouth.

“I know. . . .:” Skyth replied as he thrust his gloved hand on to the beast’s upper jaw. “Which is why I’m taking you from here!” He shouted before they vanished in a flash of pearled light.

In an instant the world of laws and order was torn away. Skyth found himself spiralling through a void of chaos and energy. The ether between worlds filled this void, it was impossible to navigate with out beacons set in the world you wanted to return to. There were countless beacons back on his world, but he could not risk taking the creature back too close to Ortiumus. Letting beacons pass by, Skyth was not happy with any, fearing they would be too close. However, when the feeling of the ether changed, Skyth realized he had gone too far. Before he could contemplate heading back red wisps began to circle them. The red mist flew erratically and violently, diving at them as if to attack. The swirls of mist soon grew faces that snarled and snapped their teeth at them. Their behaviour and appearance seemed like the demons of legend to Skyth. Darting towards Skyth one of the demons let its jaw hang loose as it prepared to fest. Raising his gauntlet to protect himself, Skyth let the demon collide with it. Striking the gauntlet, the demon let out a screech of agony before being drawn in to the gauntlet. A light of red flashed across the gauntlets surface, causing a sharp pain to rip through Skyth’s hand. The pain was second only to the intense sensation that ripped through Skyth’s very soul. It was dark and chaotic and threatened to overwhelm him. Dazed, Skyth watched in fear as the demons slipped around him like sharks waiting to strike. Hearing a beastly roar, Skyth turned half expecting to find a demon far worse than all the others. However what met his gaze filled him with even more dread. The demons had rallied on the fiery beast and had begun to attach themselves to it. Fear and panic beginning to fill his eyes, Skyth violently tore a hole from the world between worlds.

Light filled Skyth’s vision as he exited from the world of ether. However, the first sensation he came to notice was that of gravity. Falling, Skyth let his eyes adjust to the world he had leapt in to. A pillar of light filled his vision, almost blinding him from the rest of the world. Letting his eyes drift down, Skyth found himself falling on to what appeared as a resort town. The sight was stunning and breath taking, and would have done just that too Skyth if he was not falling to certain death. Platforms, parks, waterfall and small lakes filled his vision as he fell. Turning his attention back towards the pillar, Skyth raised his gauntlet as sharp claws formed at the finger tips. Directing himself towards the pillar, Skyth plunged his hand in to the pillar, slowing his fall. Sparks and dust flew up, as well as a strange moss that he mainly ignored. Still falling, Skyth laid his eyes on a tower jetting in to the sky a short distance from the pillar. Kicking himself off the pillar, Skyth raised his hand before throwing what could only be described as a mana bolt. Blasting a hole in the side of the tower, Skyth tumbled through the hole. Rolling on impact, Skyth tore through the remains of a dresser and then a wardrobe.

Sitting himself up, Skyth wiped a stream of blood from his face that had trickled from a gash. Shouts began to rise up from outside the room, forcing Skyth to stumble to his feet. The language was strange and sounded like none he had ever heard in his homeland. Throwing a pair of what could only be underwear from his person, Skyth stepped from the wardrobe. A sudden jolt of pain in his hand forced him to pause. The pain was like fire, causing him to put it off as just from his battle. However, as the pain began to grow, his eyes fell to the gauntlet on his hand. In horror, Skyth watched as a red eye formed on the metal surface. Metal began to become bone and horns as the demon began to try and take hold of its host.

“What the hell is this!?” Skyth shouted as he groaned in pain.

A beastly scream filled the tower as the Vel’Sharen reached the door to the room.

“What was that?” One of the guards asked as he paused in front of the door.

‘I don’t know, just open the door already!” The captain in charge ordered.

Placing his hand on the door handle, the guard was quickly halted as a clawed hand ripped through the wooden door. Grasped by the throat, the guard could only choke a few words out. The grasp tightening the guards armour began to crumble before he was pulled through the door, shattering it in to hundreds of splitters. The sounds of bones shattering and flesh tearing followed the guard’s screams. Peering through the door, the remaining guards watched as the goblin looking teen loomed over his victim, his arm now grossly malformed. Many eyes had spawned upon the gauntlet, each glowing a crimson red. Noticing the guards at the doorway, each eye turned to meet the new arrivals. Rising his head, Skyth greeted the guards with a grin and a pair of crimson eyes to match their own.
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