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Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 6 - DT/DS Crossover

Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 5 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:58 pm


Waes :> Minus her scars :|
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Re: Beyond the Nethergate - Chapter 6 - DT/DS Crossover

Postby SFI » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:03 pm

”What are you saying!?” His voice echoed in the small room. His mate was struggling to breath, his hand almost crushing her throat in anger. “Are you saying… are you saying that this entire mess is your fault?”
“Death…” She was whimpering, had in fact been crying before he had even thrown her against the solid stone walls of his fortress. “Please… I…”
“It’s your fault… that he is like that?” The firstborn Nephilim snarled, hand twitching around her neck.
“Creator’s grace!” Someone entered the room, having heard the commotion. “Death, calm down! You’re killing her!” Sandy brown hands closed around the one hand holding the fae aloft. “What are you doing?”
“It’s her… her people. They did this.” The Nephilim snarled, glaring at the angel that was interfering. “They have been doing this for ages! All those deaths… It was them…”
Waes’soloth was sobbing. “Please, I…”
“Let her go.” The angel in question had been Azrael. “It’s quite obvious they neither knew the result, nor that she had anything to do with this! Killing her will not undo this.”

“Waes?” Kel’noz asked softly. Hile’wen had left to try and figure out how to break the recent changes to the other factions, while he had stayed behind just a while longer before heading out to return to his mother. “You zoned out there.”
“Just remembering some things.” The once-Beldrobbaen sighed. “About how they found out.”
“That bad?” He moved closer, hesitantly reaching for her hand.
“Yes.” She turned to him. “The realization of what the Nether-arts do did not exactly come an opportune moment. They nearly killed me…”
“Did they…” He gestured hesitantly to her scars.
“Oh no.” She lifted her free hand. “Nono, he was stopped before he came to actual violence. But I could see in his eyes that he would have killed me if not stopped. And I can’t blame him for it…”
“Considering he tried to kill you for the actions of others, I certainly can.” The mercenary-son stated sharply. “Not to mention you have always hated the Nether-arts, to the point of threatening your own school if Orthorrbae did not stop it.”
“Trust me, there were mitigating circumstances I can’t tell you right now. Give me until their ambassadors arrive and I can.” She smiled lightly at him, taking his hands with both of hers. “I will tell you everything, my wolf… well, within reason.”
“But that one is among them?” He almost demanded, relaxing a little when she nodded. “Alright then, I’ll let it slide. For now.” He smiled weakly, leaning his forehead against hers. “Sharess, how did things get weird so fast?”
“If you think this weird, you might want to go on vacation while the rest goes down.” She closed her eyes in content. “I guess you’ll be returning to Quain’tana now?”
“I’ll have to. We’re kinda in the middle of war against the Sharen, as you might have missed.” He chuckled weakly.
“Well, excuse me for falling into a different world.” Waes’soloth flatly countered, moving back a little. “Try not to get yourself killed by Quain.”
“I’ll try my best.” He snorted, letting go of her.
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