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Sang's motivations

Sang's motivations

Postby Rayguncourtesan » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:58 am

I've struggled to follow this past arc and I must be missing something, I hope someone can point out what and where.

Sang hates the Sharen. While Quain is dying she goes to some detail about how they tortured and mutilated her, and warns Ariel about her life being in danger, pushing Ariel to clarify whether she's going to keep the Alliance with the Sharen or not.

When Ariel ultimately doesn't, she's somehow against this idea. If anyone wanted all the Sharen dead, surely it'd be Sang.

Is this inconsistency ever explained anywhere, or should we just put it down to the hand of the writer?
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Re: Sang's motivations

Postby Basileus_Ioannis » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:09 pm

Well, first of all, the new "Alliance" Zala'ess was pushing wasn't so much an alliance with the Sharen, but a confederation with functional segregation of duties. As such, even the Kyorls are included, something a purely Sharen alliance would never have held water (as their Nuqran allies enslave Ssus). Now that Zala's poison is cured, she probably took back the leadership role in this movement, despite the loss of Quain'tana (and a "short Lath with white hair" succeeded her). In that regard, I think if that was indeed Sang that represented for the Sarghress, even she could see that taking on every clan in Chel unified wouldn't go well, especially when we know that two big arrows in the Sarghress quiver have left the building: House Mae'yukir broke off and pretty much merged with the resurgent Dutan'vir, and the Highland Raiders we know where they went. These two would be particularly missed, as not only did they provide a cosmopolitan face to the clan, but the Mae'yukir would have taken most of their sealers with them (the handful at Sang's call in Felde couldn't prevent her demise anyway), and the Raiders had the surface knowledge that might have come in handy at Shikomei or even Felde. That leaves the Lath majority that controls dire wolves, ill prepared for a nether outbreak in Chel

So why did Sang toe the Alliance line? Opportunism, as well as the reasons mentioned above. By staying in the Alliance, they could count on the Kyorls to provide nether protection if an outbreak that their (few) sealers couldn't handle were to occur. The Sharen promised to administer and with the Illhar'dro and Nal'sarkoth would provide supply. Without the Alliance, the Sarghress could count on one colony to provide surface food: Machike. Thus, having control over that colony would have been a mandatory not so much for Snadhya's ambitions but a more practical one: to secure their own food supply as a precursor to any secessionist movements

I think Snadhya realized this too. And what a great way to undermine Zala's ploy than to cause the Alliance to fall apart because the Sangress needed to capture Machike for themselves? So cut off communications, maybe divert any merchant caravans, make it look like Machike had "gone dark" towards the clan, and the Sangress would have panicked. Declare that Ariel and Kel'noz were rebels against the "common good", then urge Sang to bring them under control, and as much as our golem-limbed generalissimo hated the Sharen, she saw the need to take Machike and take out the rebels, IMHO *wutno*
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Re: Sang's motivations

Postby Marcellogo » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:14 pm

I would add another thing, the completely wrong part of the reasoning is, in my opinion, to consider Snad as a part of the Sharen clan and wanting to perpetuate the aristocratic rule of Chel: she is a.t.c. the head of the Nids and at her deep core (evil, diabolical one as she is) a revolutionary, wanting to completely topple the Val's system even more than the Plebeian Sargress faction led by Sang, naturally being the first daughter of Diva'tarika she had always worked and still work from the inside of the said system.
So, it's only natural thatt the two , sharing the same basic goal, worked together to gain control of their respective clan at first against the supporter of the hereditary system.
Naturally once they would have gained this, they would had fight for absolute power but Snad passed away before....
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