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Timeskip Cameo Matchmaking Thread

Timeskip Cameo Matchmaking Thread

Postby Thrair » Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:05 pm

So, with Chapter 51/52 having a Timeskip with potential babies, I'm opening a thread for people to offer up their cameos for matching with other people. Someone set up a similar thread last cameo call.
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Re: Timeskip Cameo Matchmaking Thread

Postby Disestablish » Sat Mar 04, 2017 8:25 pm

If anyone wants to be among the Machike Defenders and paired up with Vara'nin, I'm game.
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Re: Timeskip Cameo Matchmaking Thread

Postby Junglefowl26 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:51 pm

Here is my character if anyone is interested.

-Chosen role: Colonist
-Character name: Nergui Aqrab’Akkar
-Character former clan if any: Black Sun
-Martial ability (weapon of choice): falx ... x-Falx.png
-Mana ability: Empathy – works better with animals than people
-Race : Black Sun/Mimian mix (very dark skin)
-Eye color : dark blue
-hair color: white (styled like this: ... -397106549)
-Favorite expression: A sweet if nervous smile
-Favorite things to say: “”Is not the free ai’ wonde’ful?”
-Favorite activity: Relaxing with a cup of hot tea
-Quirks , characters flaws and odd behaviors (very important):
1. Easily embarrassed, particularly by her Black Sun accent
2. Not very good at telling people apart, though can recognize animals from just seeing them once
3. Thinks all animals are cute, from puppies to kiri’su. In fact, if a kirisu was trying to eat her, she would squee about it hugging her.
4. Plays small pranks on Sharen and Belds in revenge for how they treated her kin, also they are stuck up so their reactions are funny.
-Equipements , armor and clothes references if any, simple description with chosen colors if not:
Leather and chitin armor, similar to Sarghress skirmisher armor. Particularly the faceguard. Also some bones and bug parts around the shoulders, and a hat made out of a turtle shell.
Basically this: ... misher.jpg mixed with a bit of this: ... -305877222
-Paired with , if any:
-Have a baby, if any:
-Inspiration pictures, if any , that remind you of the character: ... 6e019b.jpg , ... 0826215517 , ... 5ozh51.jpg, ... 6enj8h.png
-The character’s owner name that you wish to see display in the public database: junglefowl26
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