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Cameo Shipping

Cameo Shipping

Postby Junglefowl26 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:28 pm

As Kern is allowing our cameos an opportunity to get together, I thought it might be useful to have a thread to discuss possible pairings.

So, let's ship it like Fedex!

Hear is my character if anyone is interested:

-Name: Kyu’dosha Sariya'ssinsurull Val’Illhardo

-gender: female

-Clan/faction: Illhardo

-Job/profession: Courier/Emissary

-race: Drowlath

-Mana affinity (no special powers allowed): earth

-Martial ability: Skilled with the kusari-gamma

-Physical appearance: athletic build, white hair in Jieyen style braid, blue eyes

-Equipement set: Blue conical hat and long scarf. Traveling cloak, sleeveless tunic, long fingerless gloves, baggy shorts, all blue and white in an ocean wave pattern.

-Personality: Kind, curious, talkative, and helpful, with a very strong sense of justice and noblesse oblige – this makes her sympathetic to the Sarghress, and distrustful of the Sharen and the Sulsirune, though her commitment to professionalism and politeness means she tends to be subtle about her biases. Even when it comes to someone she strongly dislikes, like Balsii, she only goes so far as to give back-handed compliments, and even in a fight she compliments her opponents and doesn’t use slurs or insults. (unless one of her quirks overrides her politeness, like offending someone by shipping them with an enemy)

1 – Likes to compare any situation she is in to one of her favorite plays (“This is just like that time that Vel’chal was surrounded by light elves, only it’s Black Sun and we are a caravan instead of an army.”)
2 – Prone to overly dramatic actions (like pretending to faint when shocked, taking a deep bow while swooshing her cloak in front of her face, or challenging someone to a duel while shouting “for great justice” and tossing her hat into the wind…only to start chasing after the hat because she loves it so)
3 – Likes to ship people around her ("Anyone else think Zala and Quain should get together? You could cut the sexual tension with a knife!")
4 – Secret Quain’tana’s saga fan, likes to write fanficition of it in her spare time.
-What expression represent him or her the best: A peaceful and contented smile
-What activity represent him or her the best: laying against a grassy hillside, reading a book by the sunset’s light ... udosha.jpg ... udosha.png

Edit: Shipping Update - arrived to Syrak!
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby CutieSquiggoth » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:46 pm

Is anybody crazy enough to breed with Ynda?

Do we really want to see Ynda's babies post time skip?



Ynda'Baljss No'quafin Vel'Kyorl'Soleum

Ynda is a fallen Kyorl, from the first Nid war, and was Kalki's happy bouncy stab buddy. She's got some dragon person thingy as seed, keeps feeding her visions of flight, soaring over enemies, and later rending them limb from limb. She loves the feeling of flight though. She'd seen how Kalki could bounce around on the battlefield, but not even she could fly like this :)

-Name: Ynda'Baljss No'quafin Vel'Kyorl'Soleum
Ynda to her friends, the full thing to kyorls

-Race : Ssu

-Ancestry : Chelian

-Martial ability: Claws. Lovely metal long clawed gloves
But, she's using a sword now as it makes fitting in with the Sarghs easier.

-Profession : Kalki's stab buddy, friend, confidant, bed warmer, whatever she needs
Torturer :)

Now days she's more into the revenge thing, Snad seriously fscked her over and she's not stupid enough to go after Snad by herself. The Sargh are her best hope so here she is.

-Mana affitinity : Metal
Lets her pull a weapon from fallen corpse's armor, and wear pretty yet stab resistant clothes :) It also let her 'find' and reshape Sargh armour to fit her.

-Costume: Clothes. Armor.
Walks around in lingere mostly, made of finely woven steel. Teddy, stocking, neck collar, long gloves
Got punished by Kalki and had to wear a dress :(
Now wears Sargh armour as it helps blend in. She's wondering if Mel left any clothes here, Mel was always a great source of clothing, once some excess parts were removed of course.

Armour was her old Kyorl armour which has been 'brightened' up :) Defaced, scrawled upon, graffiti'd etc, just to piss off any Kyorls she met. It never got used though *pouts*

-Colors. Eyes, hair, skin.
Skin: pale, ssu colouring
eyes: tainted to the core, slightly angled
hair: pinky purple, twintails

-Personality traits:
happy bouncy but troubled by seed

- Favourite saying : One or two phrase often said.
to kyorls: Ynda'Baljss No'quafin Vel'Kyorl'Soleum, Order of Purity, at your service
to victims: does that hurt? really? are you sure? does it hurt at much as this? *stabs again*

-Quirks: Loves exploring the concept of 'relative pain' (see quote to victims)
Isn't quite refined enough for the proper quote:

Count Rugen: [admiring his torture contraption] Beautiful isn't it? It took me half a lifetime to invent it. I'm sure you've discovered my deep and abiding interest in pain. Presently I'm writing the definitive work on the subject, so I want you to be totally honest with me on how the machine makes you feel. This being our first try, I'll use the lowest setting.
[Count Rugen activates the water powered torture machine. Wesley writhes in great pain]
Count Rugen: [calmly] As you know, the concept of the suction pump is centuries old. Really that's all this is except that instead of sucking water, I'm sucking life. I've just sucked one year of your life away. I might one day go as high as five, but I really don't know what that would do to you. So, let's just start with what we have. What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. How do you feel?
[Wesley cries and moans in pain]
Count Rugen: Interesting.

-inspirational pictures: Body builders in playboy?

Good Kyorl girl, Order of Purity, went out with the others in the Nid war got tainted, and rejected by her clan. Found her way into the Nids and became Kalki's buddy.
Proven her loyalty many times since
Demon seed is some winged humanoid dragon thingy, and it keeps whispering to her, showing her visions. She's gotten a lot stronger since being tainted, she thinks it's the seed doing that, it helps out in combat a lot, and she's still got curves so she doesn't mind. Lately she's starting to worry that she's forgotten where what it was like beforehand, what she used to dream, now it's mostly just the seed dreaming.

She was a good Kyorl, but it's how she was treated afterwards that broke her. She fled, and found refuge in the Sharens, got into the Nids because of bitter hatred etc, and the Order of Purity was all about being horrible to people not like you. Found a friend in Kalki, a common soul and kinda fell in love.

Kinda small as she's a 'Ssu but taller than Chiri, pixie type face, muscled now, but still has curves. Not bodacious curves, but nice curves nonetheless.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Ra'tatosk » Sat Jan 23, 2016 9:54 pm

Roon’vos Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro — short called: Vos


Roon'vos is the younger cousin to Araa'toskr. I wasn't fast enough to get him a spezking role, but I can make him a secondary character if anyone is interrested in him.

Son and youngest child of Roonai’chael Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro, born 1075 – 41 years old

• Name: Roon’vos Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro
• Race: Drowolath
• Ancestry: Han’dai sub house of clan Val'Illhar'dro

• Profession: Tracker and scout. Relic hunter wannabe.

• Martial ability: Throwing knives of different models (depending of what to throw at and purpose). They are placed in leather sheaths on his forearms (bo shuriken spikes) and calves (heavier throwing knives). He is highly skilled in throwing, but also in using the knives in his hands (he do not use any kunai knives).

• Mana affinity: Air. Skilled in precisely directing wind in the direction he needs. Helps him keep his and his group’s scent away from the animals or people he is tracking, and vice versa he can direct wind so he can get the scent of the surroundings and animals and people hiding. He is training on getting more force out of his air affinity but is still unsuccessful in this.

• Uniform: As a tracker and scout he uses dull colors that make him melting into the background. His cape has two colors depending on if he is in the underground (dark brown/gray) or on the surface (speckled olive drab). Alternating between BS 381C olive drab color and X11 olive drab color and in between. Soft clothes that is silent. Thick but soft leather covering vital organs.

• Civil costume: When in civilian clothing he wants to be sparkly in contrast to his working clothes. But he sticks to the Illhar’dro blues and whites, but sparkly with silver threads interwoven making accents.

• Colors: Traditional Illhar’dro blue eyes with silver trim in the center. Nuqrahn skin tone. Hair is short for not interfering or giving him off in work. Hair is white and a bit unruly. He has a blue sling behind his right ear that is longer (down to his breast) than the rest of his hair (to the collar), he lets it rest on his breast except when he is thinking – then he sucks on its tip. The sling has three triplets of beads along it- under ear, halfway down and just before the tip.
He takes time to change them between scouting and otherwise. When scouting they are of olive drab (light – dark – light), otherwise similar but blue (light – dark – light).

• Size: Sinewy and gracious.
• Personality traits: Good hearted prankster.
• Favorite saying: Who, me? Nah…; That reminds me of the time I was out hunting with my cousin… [and then being stopped by some comrade that tells him to stop tell those boring stories].

• Quirk 1: Prankster
As prankster has so many definitions, I define him as this: A person who pranks people, pranks as in jokes around a lot, or says a lot of white lies as a joke for a while just to enjoy themselves while seeing others falling into their trap or simply being fooled the good way. He loves to prank on drows’ equivalent to April Fools day, and he has the urge to do it to everyone he meets that day, whether he knows them or not – high or low.
He uses his air affinity to direct certain smells on his victims among other ways of making pranks. He might even use his spikes or throwing knives if he gets annoyed of a person – afterwards saying “It was just a prank – it would have hit if I had that intent”.
• Quirk 2: A ladies man
Or more flirtous to the girls in his age. Part of the inner circle in Nuqrah’shareh noble houses youngsters. Charming but not adorable.
• Quirk 3: Playing the flute
A decent amateur in playing the flute. Plays it when taking rests. Able to play in ensemble. Favors old tunes but familiar with the music of the time. Has learned quite a lot of birds drills and tweets (usable as signaling secret messages) - but not to much use underground where there are no birds other that the Illhar'dro ones.

• Character flaws: A lot of cockiness and tendency towards showing off (as younglings often do). It’s a part of trying to make himself a position as a member of an ancient subhouse of warriors. This and his self-assured makes him occasionally to fail reining in his mouth and pranks amongst superior officers, who are also much more older/experienced/dangerous, getting him into occasional trouble. He has developed an ability to get out of trouble almost as quickly as he gets into it – still he occasionally fails in this.

• Inspirational pictures: Wren (main character) in White Noise except not being moody as Wren is. And not as shy around girls as Wren is, quite the opposite. Also not those brown puppy eyes Wren has.
• Name of his Arshin war bird is Siaan.

Roon’vos had a quite normal upbringing in the sub house. He went to the clan’s school and managed to get average grades, only in gymnastics and craft he managed to excel. He (as many Handai) chose a military career after school, but not the normal combat career. He was never really content with military training and fighting, but didn’t want to disappoint his mother or sister. Consequently he looked for a career that he considered was having less fighting than most in the military. So he went for tracking and scouting.

To this might be that he also looked up to his elder cousin Araa’toskr. He always asked Toskr to tell him about his hunting and tracking on the surface. When he became older he was allowed to follow Toskr on the hunting around Saosh and further away. He also heard or Toskr’s time in Chel and Orthorbbae and have great expectations to see this great city he has been told so much of. He also used to hang around his grand uncle Targen’vos who had been Lord-in-waiting to the old (third) queen’s consort. There he learned different crafts that would come in handy in his career as tracker and scout (but also as prankster).

Sorry Qutie, Ynda is out of the question.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Abyrae » Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:55 pm

Young Sargh looking for love! Assuming she survives the chapter, that is. Not picky if mate is male or female. If female, I figure they can just adopt orphaned Sargh babies together instead of making their own. Or pay the Jaal for them if they come across a lot of riches. :V

Name: Shaira'ja Sarghress
Gender: Female
Clan: Sarghress
Job/faction: Assault Legion / Former Fallen Legion Trainee
Race: Drowolath
Mana affinity: Earth affinity
Martial ability: Sword and shield, back-up dagger

Physical appearance: Average height for a lath female, short wavy white hair with red streaks worn in a messy ponytail, dark purple eyes, Chellian skintone. Slender build (read: flat-chested because she has yet to be blessed by the goddess of drow puberty). About the age of Kau and the late Shala, maybe a year or two younger. (Depending of the length of the timeskip, she could either go for someone her age or someone older. She's basically a drow teenager/young adult at this point.)
Equipment: Standard assault legion armour, wears her backup dagger strapped to her boot/calf for easy reach, just in case. Also wears a long, dark blood-red scarf against regulations because "it looks AWESOME!"

Personality: Hyper, loud, brash, reckless, confident, loyal to Quain'tana and the Sarghress ideal to a fault. Would support either Koil'dorath or Sang (depending on which one is her immediate commander) though in the event of Quain's death.
- Loves to pull harmless pranks on her comrades
- Adores wolves but is allergic to them (they're all big floofy puppies to her)
- Snorts when she laughs.
- Daredevil/thrill-seeker. Loves the adrenaline rush.
- Failed her training as a Fallen Legion because of her reckless behaviour, and for being too loud. The fact she pulled a "death from above" prank on fellow trainees to test their reflexes probably did not help her case.

Concept art forthcoming, depending on when Kern gets to work on it.

(And yes, Cutie, she would be game enough for Ynda despite Ynda being Ynda if it came to her not being paired up. Gal loves to live dangerously, and being a stupid adolescent she's pretty impressionable.)

Now paired with Mek'kel.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Gojinki » Sat Jan 23, 2016 11:47 pm

Scardy cats need love too! :]

Name: Mek'kel Tei'Kaliath
Gender: Male
Clan: Sarghress
Race : Tei'Kaliath
Profession : Home Guard Brawler
Martial ability: Hard style Tiray and Heavy cleaver
Mana affinity : N/A

As before with a golem brace on his injured arm so he can maintain functionality.


Personality traits:
Mek'kel has trouble looking people in the eye and is still the meek young male. Sometimes his speech pattern or actions may take a very dark turn when not in combat ((describing people not close to him as meat cuts)).

Favorite activity:
Happily chopping/cooking 'meat' for his comrades.

Meek and cowardly, but now with much more sinister undertones.
Currently refers to anyone he doesn't know as various cuts of meat.
When in combat he snaps and kills without any fear/mercy/hesitation.

Side note:
Surprisingly good at dancing.

Taken by Shaira'ja.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Thrair » Sun Jan 24, 2016 3:13 am

Heh. Might as well throw Al'tesh to the wolves (perhaps literally? #FoeYay)

-Name: Al'tesh Vel'Sharen
-Race: Drowlath (Ver'Drowendar)
-Age: Early/Mid-200s.
-Clan/Faction: Sharen Alliance
-Profession: Ex-Imperial Guardsman
-Martial ability: Sabre.
-Mana affinity: Beer Sorcery (Ok, technically Water)

-Physical Appearance: Tainted Eyes. Teal hair, longer in the back and tied into a ponytail. Bushy eyebrows. Charcoal skintone.
-Costume: Black shirt and pants, with blue tunic and leather boots. Clasp on the neck with the the mark of the Guard. Metal brace on his right leg.
Appearance Reference:

-Personality traits: Defined most by his stubborn and exclusive loyalty to the Queen. Her death and his tainting, combined with his age, have started to show; leaving him world-weary and stuck in his ways. Outwardly laid-back, but thoroughly cynical.
-Favourite sayings: “My knee doesn't bend so easily, these days." “Heh, to Hel with it."
-Favourite activity: Drinking and muttering about the good old days.
-Favourite expression: Wry grimace, with a touch of irritation.
-Quirks: Casually uses his sorcery to drink at inappropriate times. Complete disregard for social status. Refuses to lie or sugar-coat; unapologetically blunt honesty.
-Loyalty: To Diva, settling to Zala for lack of options.
-One Sentence: A tired and jaded old guard-dog.
-Paired with: Free to a good home (still debating this, though).

Extra Background:
A member of the Imperial Guard during the Nidraa'chal war, was among those wounded and tainted during the fighting. Combined with the remaining daughters driving Diva'Ratrika's legacy into the dirt in just a couple decades, and he really just doesn't bother. Crass and cynical, he's just riding this all out like a bad hangover. He's holding out a bit of hope for a decent heir to show up, though.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Piett » Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:14 am

Here's the thread! I was having trouble finding it because I couldn't figure out what subforum it would end up in. XD;;

Reference: Image

Name: Syrak Sarghress
Gender: male
Clan: Sarghress
Job: Highland Raider (mana specialist), amateur biologist, Ariel fanboy
Race: Drowussu. There is small chance he might be half-breed -- he appears to be Ssu based on skin tone and his mother definitely was, but his paternity is unknown. At the very least he certainly passes for Ssu. It also isn't known if his mother was Kyorl or Dutan'vir. it's a mystery!
Mana Affinity: water
Martial abilities: shield/1h sword

Physical Appearance: Tall, blue eyes, curly/wavy short hair, thick eyebrows, facial tattoo.
Equipment: telescoping goggles

Personality/Quirks: Extremely thoughtful, courteous, and polite, even to enemies. The type to apologize while stabbing you. Worries easily. Highly intelligent, his best combat attribute is his quick mind. He fights very strategically and is good at tactics. Very strong work ethic, doesn't give up easily. Strong interest in the plants and animals of the Overworld. While he is a good warrior, his kindness, compassion, and lead some people to call him weak. While he is fine in battle, he is often very indecisive when it comes to making important life decisions.

Notable History: Friend and squadmate of Vaelia. He almost stayed behind in Ys, but changed his mind at the last minute.
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Re: Cameo Shipping

Postby Demetirus » Sat Jan 30, 2016 11:44 pm


Name: J'hane
Gender: Male
Age: 175
Clan: Jie'yen
Profession: Jie'yen agent.
Build: Toned.
Height: 2.1336m
Mana Affinity: Water.
Race: Drowlath
Skin Colour: Nuqrah'sharian Light Brown.
Hair: Shaved (white with dyed black tips when not)
Eyes: Violet
Main Personality Traits: friendly, disciplined, calm.
Weapons: Pair of Katars though he prefers to not use them unless he has to.
Clothes: Prefers to wear hooded robes that open up in the front with basic shirts and pants (similar to Jedi Robes, or the Monk from Ragnarok Online) as well as lightly plated gloves and boots for that extra oomph when striking.
Appearance: Like most Jie'yen, he is remarkably plain with only a set of crescent tattoos on the side of his face that extend from above his eyebrows to his jaw line with two short lines underneath the center of his eyes to and a circle in the middle of his forehead to distinguish him from anyone else.

- Unable to speak. Instead communicates by exaggerated hand motions and facial expressions or writing if available/feasible. Default expression is a smile that almost makes his eyes seem closed (think like Brock from Pokémon)
- A bit more reserved and shy around women in most social situations due to only having a little luck with them. He believes this is due to his taller, unmanly height, inability to speak and shaved head (implying low-to-no status).

- Lost the ability to speak in a training accident that never quite healed correctly.
- Has a closet obsession with the Beldrobbaen and Balvhakara clans. Weaboo level obsession. He manages to keep it under wraps, but he could probably recite their family history to the letter from the history books (if he could speak).
- Prefers to seek jobs where he won't have to actively seek to kill anyone, tending towards bodyguard and information gathering tasks but won't shy away from or even question his duty.
- Tries to shave his head every morning as a bit of a personal ritual of cleansing and humbling.
- Likes spicy food.

All I can say is that a Balv or a Beld would have a higher chance to win him over any other (see the Trivia, he'd be putty in their hands) but he's hella shy around most females in any sort of social scenario. Professionally he'll be fine, but the second the professional wall is down... he's mush. If it's a Balv, it would also open up a side story I had in mind where he helped develop a CQC focused combat armor for the Jie'yen, though that would obviously be up to Kern.
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