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Final Furry Feral Farewells Finale Festival

Final Furry Feral Farewells Finale Festival

Postby Disestablish » Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:00 am

And that's it folks, The adventure of our Feral Friends draws to a final close, the curtains dropped and promptly shredded.
It's been a long and fun ride.
First we defeated a rampaging dragon, named him George and proclaimed him and his tiny arms our god... And toppled Choco's tower
Next we built a tower greater then ever towered towering over towers and reached(Probably), the moon, claiming it cheesy goodness, well also felling the evil schemes of a mad albino kitten... And toppled Choco's tower.
Then we faced the unstoppable fearsome might of the `iBoooooooooooooooox`i and its beautiful, soul soothing and grand- I mean evil bad maths and drove it out for good.... I miss that box- I mean we failed to topple Choco's tower.
Then we faced the chaos of a horde of mask eyed ones, driving them out with our superior ability to devolve into a state of bat poop crazy anarchy.... Also failed to topple Choco's tower, but at least we trashed her robot... I mean regretably
And last, but certainly not least, our ENTIRE community banded together with fluffy buns to drive out one of the most dangerous foes to date, lack of dinne-. I mean dangerous robot mech golem mouse thing... Still kinda hungry.
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Re: Final Furry Feral Farewells Finale Festival

Postby Gojinki » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:31 am

Guess that's all the Epilogues ^^;

Oh well was a funventure.
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