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Ch 4 Pg 23

Re: Ch 4 Pg 23

Postby Mau Acheron » Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:54 pm

Ohh, sorry that I didn't write, I was busy in the last days.
Yeah, that's a patreon-thing yet, because I had three aims with this request-time:

1. I would like to be more active on the We are Ferals Patreon, and not just submit page status to there. I wrote my post here, if somebody doesn't check patreon just this forum.
2. This was a test to see how many time what I have for extra new things for the Ferals' patreon, because i would like to give more, but next to my full-time job it's hard to keep my freetime for everything.
3. To give a present to the patrons for their patient :)
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