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Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby DarkVolt » Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:22 pm

Hello everyone, it's DV.
Drawing the next We are Feral pages right this moment, and I've come to a little problem here.
From the votes we got, there are a bunch of ferals who either dont have a name and/or dont have a image uploaded to the profile, which makes me pretty sad, because that way I can not draw your ferals at all.
I can guess and attach a name to them, but that's no fun and not the idea.

We want to include your custom feral in the comic, and I can see that there may be some bugs that prevent you from uploading your feral (image - name) into your profile.
So in addition, I want to open this Topic.

What I want you to do is:
Everyone who is participating, please make a post and show us your feral.

I want a Name, reference images and a short description on their likes, dislikes and quirks.
For images, you can show:
-photographs of your pet
-a drawing of your feral
-reference images of clothing your feral is gonna wear from google search.

MS paint - Lego's, a Minecraft skin, previous Teikaliath, it does not matter how well it's gonna be drawn, it helps me as a reference and guide lines.
I'll make a effort to make the feral look it's best in the comic, and the more references I got (including colores), the easier our job will be, and I wont have to skip your lovely furrballs.

-This Topic here will not be a discussion area, if you wanna talk aboud your ferals in greater lenght, ask questions and such, please do so in another topic.
-You can edit your post anytime you want so correcting and adding information will be no problem.
-Which means, one post will be enough.

What I want is to have a clean reference list, so every feral get's a fair shot in showing up.

Let this Hall of fame begin!

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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Gojinki » Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:47 pm



Eay'ven used to be quite the shiny hunter and adventurer, but he has since retired feeling that he has gotten too old ((and fat)) to react to situations effectively anymore. He now spends his days exchanging items and gear so that the younger generations of adventurers will have a better shot of finding the best shinies. Personality wise Eay'ven comes off as a grumpy old feral, but underneath all of the grumbling and cynicism he is really a big softie. ((Think Muta from 'The Cat Returns' in regards to mood/size/weight))
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Disestablish » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:12 pm

Name: Nicodemus

Feral drawing:
Clothing: Dark green cargo pants, loaded with filled pockets.
Rolled up tool bundle worn using straps like a backpack over his bare back, as he wears no shirt.

- Crafting new creations.
- New and high quality tools and materials.
- Old tools of the masters. Just no dildos-on-sticks.
- Collecting anything left behind by the masters.
- Thinking up ideas for new creations.
- A clean, neat and perfectly organized environment.
- Calm and quiet.
- Totally clean fur.
- Baths of actual water. The horror.
- George
- Destruction or damaging of anything, at all. Period.
- Losing or break any tools or parts of his collection.
- Dirt, grime, disorder and general messes.
- Loud and distracting noises.
- Mud, dirt, sand, grass. Anything that could get in/stain his fur or clothing.
- Oddly religious to his self pro-claimed lord and god George the jelly dragon and his surprisingly miniature arms. Theories believe he snapped under the stress of too much destruction.
- Obsessive to a fault, totally fixated or making and finding new tools and objects, with almost no interest in shinies.
- A few screws loose. Easily sent into fits of absolute horror at the sight of wanton destruction, especially to old buildings. Expect weeping and gnashing of teeth.
- Clean freak. Disgusted by anything out of place or order, feeling a near unstoppable need to put it back into place, no matter how impossible a task. Can break down into foaming fits if withheld from doing so.
- Panics and breaks down crying almost anytime he gets a noticeable amount of dirt or stain on his clothing or fur.
- Not very talkactive, but with a terrible poker face. Almost all thoughts are broadcasted in his expressions and hand gestures.
- Not a single sense of self-control.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Tsuris » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:49 pm

Name: Kalla


-When things explode
-Making friends
-Choco, Powder likes her so she must be a nice lady

-Beer (tastes icky)
-Anyone who calls her stupid
-People who are mean to her or her friends
-Water, all water is evil and harbors the souls of the damned

-Easily distracted, even for a feral (to the point she'll sometimes forget what she's doing in the middle of doing it and wander off to find something to do).
-Kalla usually refers to herself in the third person though occasionally she'll forget she does that and use first person but it's not a regular occurrence.
-She keeps everything in her pouches, even things that shouldn't normally fit in there but somehow do (think pulling a ladder out of a hat magic trick sort of thing).
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Deonis » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:17 pm

I (regretably *crying*) don't have an actual pet to give as reference. So I give you this:

That's Corvin on the right there. He forgot to put on clothes because of the dragon making it's suprise visit.

Corvin'tage (Cory, Corv, or however you want to shorten it.) is rather young and more lean than tough, making up in speed for the lack in power.
He has an (right) eye for shinies like Canne only not as good. His left eye is blind since birth but he managed to compensate his lack of depth perception over time. It did gave him an odd habit, though, as he'll constantly hold his head slightly turned to the left to give his good right eye a better view.

His wears a sleeveless red jacket (think Luffy of One Piece), black shorts (generic ones) and wraps around his hands and feet (For badassness +2). He is also one of the newest recruits of the FSF and is eager to prove that he deserves to wear the beret and pin and the honor, and responsibility, that comes with it.

(FSF, eager to serve!)

In a fight or flight situation Corvin will use his speedines to the best of his abilities, never standing still unless to gloat, goad, taunt or take a five second-break. He caries a single knife that he uses with precision. He can't properly use anything ranged due to his depth perception (or lack thereof).

Personality wise he's much like other ferals, curious to a fault 8p. But he will stand with his fellow ferals in times of need.
Corvin is a claustrophobic feral.
He has a piercing gaze with his (functioning) right eye and he'll keep his head turned slightly to the left for better view.
SHINIES! Give him a shiny and he'll tell if it is any good. Although he also might just take it for himself to bring it to the No More Lost.

I hope this is enough for you Darkvolt. No matter the outcome, decision, result or whatever, do what's needed. I'll respect that.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Hfar » Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:43 pm

Name: Perci


Likes, dislikes and quirks:
-Likes meeting new people and making new friends.
-Will lick the face of anyone he likes, which is basically everyone he meets.
-Kinda oblivious.
-Get's very apprehensive when scolded.
-Likes to run. A lot. Posses great stamina and speed but is not so good on turns. Known to run into objects by accident on occasion. Doesn't seem to bother him.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Kami-Kahzy » Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:00 pm

Name: Dae'Moh





Likes, Dislikes and Quirks:

- Has an unhealthy obsession with shinies
- Likes fish and bird meat
- Enjoys finding and hiding in small, secret places
- Acts as an excavator for hire
- Has metal "Dirt Claws" that he uses to dig with. They have bird faces on them because the smithy was hungry when he forged them.
- Digs for shinies when necessary, though doesn't enjoy getting dirty
- Does not like being wet, which conflicts with his desire to be clean
- Absolutely HATES being made fun of for his size
- If teased or harassed too much he'll sulk in a corner and play with his tail
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Eltharrion » Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:09 pm

Name: Tsalakar (Nickname Tsala)

His original design (all honors to Jallu25 for drawing it years ago):
(Link for full-sized art here because I don't want to burden site too much)

What I believe to be his first appearance:

-Likes hot, dry places. Desert is his favorite place FOREVER. Also roofs on sunny dry days.
-Likes to maintain his two daggers and cut things with them.
-Explorer. Wants to learn about new places whenever finds something new.
-Cutpurse, pickpocket, thief and scavenger. Learned first to take things from "big people" out of survival, nowdays does it on everyone out of habit for thrill and honing of skills.
-Surprisingly not that interested in shinies unless getting them is a challenge to his skills. More about the hard obtaining than the shiny itself. Also prefers shinies that have special meaning to someone.
-Hates water in larger doses with UNLIMITED HATE. Gets strung up on rainy days.
-Covers self up both to avoid getting too wet and to make sure dust doesn't gather on fur.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby demonthault » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:32 pm

Name: Daven
Reference images:
Likes: Feral Fu, being sneaky, duty, responsibility, shinies, fish cookies, and Fram.
Dislikes: Getting wet. He's a pretty amiable feral over all.
Quirks: Happy, sad, curious or asleep he always has a disapproving frown on his face. He is young and overconfident in his abilities, he strives to prove to the older members of the FSF that he is worthy of being in the force. He has a permanent look of disapproval on his face though he is generally amiable to most situations. Since he is a great big ball of fur he looks stouter then he is and can surprise people with his light agility. Daven has always admired Fram and has developed feelings for her since rescuing her from the dragon people (reference: ... tzujY6.jpg).
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Sinsystems » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:54 pm

Name: Noh
Reference images:
Likes: Feral Fu, traps, looting, shinies, his mom, the FSF, beer and eyeballs
Dislikes: Cowards, Cheaters who are not himself, Choco,anyone messing with his mom or beer
Quirks: Brash, Stubborn, jolly, speaks like a pirate even though he doesn't need to only dropping it when the situation becomes super serious. One of the older members of the FSF Noh constantly seeks to improve his abilities, having lost one of his eyes when he was young protecting his mother from a rampaging Kurr he now strives to find a replacement and has thus gained a substantial collection of various eye shaped items (along with actual eyes). In a fight Noh has surprising quickness for his age and a technique honed through many years of Feral Fu.

Fiercely protective of his Mother and fellow members of the FSF, Noh is one of the first to throw himself into dangerous situations if it means a better chance of others getting out unharmed.

Noh harbors a bit of a grudge against Choco due to a perceived slight against his mother many years ago, thus he uses every opportunity to embarrass and humiliate the Feral. But when someone is in danger Noh puts his grudge behind him and leaps into action!!

Fighting Style: Feral Fu (Eye of the Dragon Style), an unorthodox style utilizing a one handed cutlass. Favors light stabs as set up to powerful slashes.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby goblin6 » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:50 am

Name: Gobbo


-A wandering hunter who seeks riches and the thrills of a good hunt.

-Hunting, a good challenge and worthy prey/predators
-His trusty sword and hat, regularly maintains his sword to keep it strong and sharp
-Traveling and sightseeing
-Steak, preferably rare

-Anyone touching his hat or sword, very possessive of them as they are mementos of his deceased owners in the days before he became a hunter
-Despite being a hunter that uses pragmatic/guerrilla tactics (i.e. ambush, traps, stalking) to catch/defeat his targets, he has standards and refuses to stoop to using cowardly/villainous tactics such as using innocents as hostages and meat shields.
-Refuse to hunt weak targets that cannot fight/flee, as there's no challenge
- Despises bullies who pick on the weak/defenseless, cause true warriors fight opponents who can provide a real challenge

-Tends to gobble down his food quickly, sometimes without chewing. Hence the name he was given.
-Once he enters a hunt, it's all he can think about.
-He's stubborn, but the life of a hunter taught him discipline and patience, which tempered his stubbornness. So he knows when to retreat from "battle" when the odds are against him, but will return to finish the "war" when the time is right.
-Usually soft-spoken and nice to those who treat others kindly. To those who are not so kind, he responds with verbal bluntness and sarcasm.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Zorlond » Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:41 pm

Alright, here is what little I have thought of for my own Feral, based on my pet from some years ago. I don't have a usable pic, so I snagged one off of Wikipedia.

Name: Shadow (Sha'doh?)


He's a bit quiet and reserved, shy even. But at the same time quite loyal and protective of his people. He's also a bit large, in the tall/meaty sense (though obviously all muscle hidden under fur). He kinda falls into 'gentle giant' territory, even though he's not technically a giant.

Pelt: grey
Eyes: blue (yeah I know the pic above has green eyes, Shadow has blue eyes)

For outfit, I was thinking something along the lines of a padded vest, like below, although the H in the middle of the chest should be swapped out for a cat-head symbol. If you'd like to extend them into shorts as well, good.


Likes: Good food, good company, long relaxing walks.
Dislikes: Cold, pranks, slugs.
Quirks: Keeps noticing things out the corner of his eye, yet they're gone when he looks... Optional idea: Polydactyl, meaning extra fingers/toes (like two extra on each hand). Hopefully not too weird-looking.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Traylin » Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:37 am



As i don't have a cat I've had to find the closest to the above image, thus:

As per first image, except the trousers are more knee length.
Also what isn't shown here is a Fiddle [or this worlds equivalent].

[will expand on/develop the background in time]

Practicing on his fiddle
Performing with said fiddle
Jam sandwiches

Being wet
Having to wear overly posh outfits

Late riser [due to music practice]
Quick with a joke [o bad pun]
Has a fear of frogs [they're definitely up to something - LOOK AT THOSE EYES DAMNIT!!]

- Apparently he got his name from a drow explorer from the nal'sarkokpth outpost who his mother was assisting as a guide, carrying Traylin with her while he was still little. Apparently Traylin took such a liking to something shiny of the Drow's, that he proclaimed him to be quite a "Tray-lin" [or "curious one"]. Traylin's mother, liking the name, decided to name him such.
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby Guilty Carrion » Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:53 am


Full Concept by Darkvolt
-Fine silks and fancy food, spoiled somewhat rotten.
-Praise/Being Worshiped/Being Served
-Shinies that she can keep all to herself
-Gloating/Chances to Show Off
-Anything she can use as a 'Throne'(perfect for royal catnaps)

-Disobedient Commoners
-Commoners who take Shinies that are 'rightfully' hers(as in, pretty much all of them.)
-Lack of recognition
-Getting dirty, particularly in her fancy clothes
-Rough-handling her minions("They aren't your playthings! They're mine!")

Proud, somewhat smug and always eager to show off, Baelrin is adamantly convinced that she is the very definition of nobility among ferals, and that she should be treated like the princess she is. Handles confrontation poorly, and has a bad habit of wanting things she's not allowed to have just because she's not allowed to have it. While not wishing actual harm, Baelrin is not above ruffling some fur to get what she wants, making her rather antagonistic.

Despite expectations, she is a surprisingly good overlord to her minions, provided they do their jobs properly...and she isn't in a bad mood.


Wahahaha! All the shinies belong to us!
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Re: Feral Hall of Fame - Clear, and simple, feral Roll Call!

Postby AthenAltena » Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:04 am


Costume ref (can be simplified)

Likes: Food, snuggling, watching birds, showing her belly
Dislikes: Loud noises, there not being any food left, vehicles

Quirks: Very loud and dramatic when distressed and/or food is involved, falls asleep in funny positions
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