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Chapter 55 : page 1

Re: Chapter 55 : page 1

Postby 'Lement » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:03 pm

Yeah, that's Kiel's sideways grin. The old giant demon of Vloz'ress is gone, and the mask of the "child"-leader remains.

From "lets wipe out the Vloz'ress remains" to ...Zala'ess rewarding Kiel×Nau as promised? No, tent cities make me think these are Sharen refugees rather than rulers.

An excellent introduction.

Another curious part of it?

The Hello Demony hasn't changed from her pre-timeskip appearance. Back then, some of us figured she was in the process of fighting who was going to be in charge. And Kiel changed Naal'glutton to not focus, need, desire and want to eat pretty much by accident pre-timeskip too, so going hungry may very well be somewhat voluntary here.

And yeah, calling it Laelle'all feels bit off - while there's lot of similarity to the glutton demon Naal'suul became 18 years ago the Laelle'all part's hands are not used (though the eye is). And the reminder with the fountain that demons the size of elephants can also, like elephants, go through walls is appreciated.

PS: There was lot to see in the first panel. But in the inside shot, I see much less. Ortho is empty, things are wrecked....If that's not a fountain but the platform that goes up, the ninth tower is inaccessible due Hello Demony eating all the mana.
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Re: Chapter 55 : page 1

Postby DragonLizardJareth » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:32 am

Holy Crap! That's Laele! And she hanging out with Kiel'ndia!

Well then it's time for my customary start of chapter: CALLING IT NOW!
Since this is going to be a short chapter I assume Kiel and her squad are going to be told about the huge Demon incursion at Felde and ether A) Go and check it out or B) Be sent by the Alliance to go and clean it up. Ether way when they take Demon Laele there who senses her Brother and niece were there and/or meet with Demonized Chakri and through these events learn about what happened with Ariel and will lead into the next chapter.

What happens after that?
Well the next chapter will ether deal with Ariel returning home to her clan and trying to reunite the clan under one authority (with can go in so many ways) or being taken to the capital and being brought before the Alliance Leadership, along with Mel'arnach and Snadhya'rune in private. Ether way I would suspect Kiel's team to eventually team up with Arial, and if it's the latter situation probbably rescue her from Snadhya'rune's grasp.

Ether way It seems pretty cut and dry where this series is leading to. There is going to be a battle between Ariel and Snadhya'rune at some point. I'm not sure if it's the final epic battle, but it is going to happen. At the moment, they are the two sides of this story's coin. Ariel is the primary protagonist, the first one we were introduced to and the one who takes center stage most of the time. She is the one we have spent most of the series with. At the same time Snadhya'rune is clearly (at least for the moment) the primary antagonist. Where or not that role changes eventually remains to be seen.

Although personally I see two other options if she isn't the Big Bad, ether she's A) working for someone or something Bigger (which I see less likely as time goes on) or B) She gets killed off in some sort of Cataclysm similar to the levels of Chapter 47 and Demons in general take over as the primary antagonist, turning this into a Man vs Environment situation, which I wouldn't mind seeing, although the series would probbably hit a pretty bleak note at that point.

Anyway. Thoughts on my call? What are your own thoughts?
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Re: Chapter 55 : page 1

Postby PSadlon » Fri Dec 21, 2018 2:08 am

Laele's demons still being around is a pleasant surprise. her ending up with Keil is unexpected but not entirely surprising. Janken... wow, just wow.
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