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Chapter 54 : page 66

Re: Chapter 54 : page 66

Postby 'Lement » Sat May 19, 2018 3:42 pm

Ahaha, that's a beautiful finish Styyx. Indeed, she has outlasted many, and the Sullisin'run hasn't gone to war with anyone other than Sharen ever since becoming their protectorate either.

However, that conclusion is drawn more from what she doesn't do.

- The above example and her support of Sarghress were political masterstrokes; yet there's no known public speeches or propaganda by her.
- During the airship attacks on Machikeans, she goes absent to the point of speculation of her death, leaving defeating Bae'rali to someone one ~thirtieth her age.
- With her ability to flawlessly disguise herself, she should be way better inflitrator than Ariel; yet she starves herself due potentially poisoned food instead of walking into a cafe (and not necessarily only on a date).

Put against that, her informed attributes would pale, if Ash'waren wasn't messing with your mind to make them seem dark-skinned.

@Nowhere Girl: Narratively, you have a point. However, the floor is dragons, Snadhya's demon shield blocks mana and Ash has literally no weapons or armour. We've never seen her fight, but she'd have to be able to literally rip summons from Snadhya's control to be even halfway confident against that.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 66

Postby Smokehammer » Sat May 19, 2018 7:35 pm

Last we saw Snad she was in a wheelchair. Now Im guessing with her Jaal friends that unless she's in financial dire straights, she probably isnt still in a wheelchair except maybe for effect. That being said, Snad doesnt seem like much of a physical fighter either so... if and when Ash and Snad meet up for a fight, my money would be on Ashie. Ash should be able to create a mana shield OF DOOM, and if she hasnt figured out the mana vs demon chucking skills Sillice had in the past 30 or so years since demons became a real problem again, shame on her. Its also easy to assume summons take some degree of concentration, and if Ash cant break that for pretty much everyone in creation if she's close enough, I dont know what to say.
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Re: Chapter 54 : page 66

Postby sunhawk » Sun May 20, 2018 4:40 am

If comic books have taught me!e anything. It is that people with powerful mental powers are useless against high tier named characters. They're usually too crazy or have too strong a will. Just look at Martian manhunter or charles Xavier.
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