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Chapter 54 : Page 51

Re: Chapter 54 : Page 51

Postby Sleel » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:28 am

Sleel wrote:Of course it was easy. Cause the author deemed an airship will, of course, not use the range advantage of being an airship and bombard from height. But will instead, with nary a shot fired, swan around like it was a pleasure cruise for tea and crumpets rather then flying into hostile territory. Cause reasons. Not as if there hasn't been constant war for a generation. No reason to expect competence from anyone who survived that or anything.

....You do realize of course that Felde is in a cave. There will be no flying range bonuses here.[/quote]
No?! really? It completely escaped my notice over years of reading this that this was a cave. Which is massive enough to hold multiple cities of clans fighting each other. So large that they don't see them in the distance. yet suddenly its so fucking cramped they can't get height. In a cave that leads to the surface. And look! A monkey just flew out of my ass!
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Re: Chapter 54 : Page 51

Postby Kardwill » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:52 am

This is not Chel, but Felde, an outer city in a smaller cave connected to Chel's (although still pretty gigantic by our standards).
Doesn't mean they couldn't have gone higher than that, to take advantage from the clouds (another reason I think this is a decoy). But they're not in Chel's mammoth cave system.
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