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Chapter 54 : page 4

Re: Chapter 54 : page 4

Postby Junglefowl26 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:47 am

Smokehammer wrote:Its sideways supposition Jungles. While Quain wasnt known for her love of Val ways she did agree to Rosof's challenge. Much older, and influenced by Rosof, when pressed and losing it stands to reason that she would either demand or take an offer to fight Siksi one on one. We dont see anybody else in the picture and while that may be for the sake of brevity Im sure if Sarv had "jumped" Quain while she was fighting a battle against many that Quain wouldve thrown that in her face in their second fight. In fact that she took the second fight is also telling of it being more or less a formal challenge the first time, because if it hadnt been, Quain wouldve had far less reason to wish to prove she could best an already powerless Sarv'swati and probably wouldve dog'piled her with everyone there.

Now it might have been a result of Sarv'swati trying to retreat and she's the one who demanded the first fight as well to save the Sharen army but I doubt it. Quain's too much of a reverse snob, and in that particular instance wouldve been furious with the Sharen for attacking her during a natural disaster.

But assuming they did meet on the battlefield and fought it out by "accident", the logic still stands. Sarv had no reason to believe she would end up fighting Quain. Plus, unless she ran around poisoning her blade after every so many kills(in a big ass melee this is probably impossible even for Sarv's Jedi-flying ass), she wouldve had to get hella lucky that Quain just happened to be stabbed(hacked?) early enough on for it to be effective.

...and Quain was out fighting to buy herself some time regardless of how she was out there fighting, since she was losing yet had a big ass castle to hide in. I suppose you could argue that Sarv bested the Sarghress walls but that pretty much makes it brutally hard for her to retreat from the situation without taking devastating losses. A case could be made thats exactly what she did with First Landing but, she DID take heavy losses doing it and they were her walls in that instance so the inner fort was hers for a time. IF the Sargs had been hit that hard, I dont think Quill woulve been able to save them, or both Clans wouldve been so devastated that the Nidraa war wouldnt have needed to take place.

Ok, those suppositions make a lot of sense. Excellent work.

The only quibble I have is that I am not sure Quain would have any way of knowing that Quil could make it, so maybe she was trying to break the Sharen army's morale by going for Sarv, either on the battlefield or via a duel? Maybe something similar to what Rosof tried with her earlier?
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