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Regarding Recent Comments About Cameos

Regarding Recent Comments About Cameos

Postby nerdycanuck » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:51 pm

The moderator group has noticed a trend recently in which some readers have been expressing gruesome and disturbing methods in which they wish to see cameo characters killed in comic.

This is not appropriate.

While it is perfectly acceptable to express your feelings and discuss the comic, we ask that you have a care with the words you choose. Keep in mind that there are people behind the cameo characters you are wishing grisly, violent death upon. These are people who have put their heart and souls into crafting their creations.

It is one thing to be invested in a comic or character to the point where you feel defensive of them and antagonistic towards those that challenge or confront them, but it is unacceptable to talk so openly about wishing dismemberment, ultraviolence, or even rape on fictional characters.

Do not assume that cameo creators have a desire to read some of the vitriol we've seen sent towards cameos of late. Remember that cameo creators read the forums too. When you attack their characters it may make them feel unwelcome and at the very least, it will discourage open discussion.
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