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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby Pitdragon » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:47 am

Thrair wrote:
TheMutant wrote:Didn't Zith get a new concept art? Coulda sworn... (wish the news archive was easier to navigate)

Zith had two concepts from before this chapter: Chapter 43 one and Chapter 47 one.

But they weren't set to get new art of this chapter, iirc. Not in Kern's spreadsheet of this chapter's cameos, either.

Yup, as of today all the concepts are done and my post updates are complete. Unless someone asks for one belatedly. But if anyone has any further ones, done by another artist, then lemme know and I'll toss it in there.
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby sakkara/sarai » Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:50 pm

Pitdragon wrote:Sakkara Sarghress {Sarai} No One (Former Sharen slave?)

Just Sakkara, Sharen slave

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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby Qwalnee » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:13 pm

These paid cameos in story are fascinating idea, kudos to the genius who invented it. I am surprised that Hollywood missed such easy way to make money. o_O

Imagine that HBO would auction to the highest bidder the right to appear as minor characters in Game of Thrones. They could multiply their profits overnight. 8P

You pay few millions $ and step to the world of Westeros as unnamed peasant, soldier, slave or whore, say few worlds and die a gruesome death. There are more than enough people with more money than common sense to make it work. *lol*
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby partner555 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 4:28 am

Qwalnee wrote:These paid cameos in story are fascinating idea, kudos to the genius who invented it. I am surprised that Hollywood missed such easy way to make money. o_O

If I remember correctly, Kern stumbled onto this after realising the most popular perk for crowdfunding the printouts of Drowtales pages was the cameo option.

There are problems with people attempting to make cameos that don't fit the setting, but they add a lot more personality to the otherwise faceless mooks.
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby Ra'tatosk » Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:09 pm

This discussion seems to have fallen out of use. Well for anyone caring here is my (very late) cameo for chapter 52:

Raai’chinno Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro
— short called: Chinno

Daughter and second child of Raai’chael Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro, born 1059 – 58 years old - younger twin (8 minutes) to Araa’toskr

• Name: Raai’chinno Han’dai Val'Illhar'dro
• Race: Dokkalfar
• Ancestry: Han’dai sub house of clan Val'Illhar'dro

• Profession: Military, squad leader
• Martial ability: dual swords carried on the back (scabbards in cross) with the grips showing up above each of her shoulders. The one on the left side an odashi style (long sword) the other one katana style. She is fully ambidextrous but with stronger right arm.
• Mana affinity: Spellsong
• Uniform: Traditional Illhar’dro uniform

• Civil costume: Will not be needed here? Needs to have more thought of this.
• Colors: Traditional Illhar’dro blue eyes. Dokkalfar brown skin. Hair is light (Sullisin) blue (after her Sullisin father).
• Hair style: Braids from each temple to the back to keep the hair above the ears. Behind the ears the braids go down on each side of the back head and meet each other in an arc below the hairline to continue in a single tail bound by leather (to preserve it from unintentional cutting when releasing or sheathing her swords) down to her lower back. the rest of the tail is free and ends at her butt.
• Size: Normal female dokkalfar height.

• Personality traits: Alpa female. Highly focused on her task and goals. Competitive - especially against her twin brother. He refers to her as his younger sister - she refers to him as an upstart. Loves here brother despite she is very competitive against him - they spare together whenever they can. She knows that she eventually will rise high above him, but is impatient about it. Both as a teammate or a leader she can put a lot of pressure on her peers and subordinates to act on top of their abilities. This can lead to clashes with those not as skilled as she expect them o be. But she prefers to put them on support issues rather than risk their lifes and the operation.
She wants to explore everything and is very interested in the old world and what remains of it. She expects that there is a lot to learn of the ancient times how they lived and what technique there was both regarding using mana and the high arts. There is a part of here that wanted to become a scholar instead of a soldier. But that time might come if the wars will end.
• Favorite saying: If drowtales dragons breathe fire then: If you can't stand the heat don't tickle the dragon. Otherwise: If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

• Quirk 1: Twitching eyes when she observes incompetence or low competence.
• Quirk 2: Clean freak. It's very important for her to be clean - not in the way that she avoids getting into the "shit" during operations, but wants to get clean as fast as possible afterwards.
• Quirk 3: Grooms her hair when getting time for it (the cleanliness issue) every hair strand should be in the right place all the time.

• Character flaws: Not accepting incompetence she scolds people when possible not spoiling the operation. She can't take critics well since considers herself very competent - thereby not able to make mistakes. Although she is highly focused on her tasks, she can forget it if she finds some ancient artifact or other thing from previous eras. Finding an ancient book is more worth than any other artifact. The last might not be a character flaw, but could jeopardize a military operation.

• Inspirational pictures: ---
• Name of her Arshin war bird: Starria.

As her brother she was born and spent her first ten years in the Saosh colony. She followed her mother (the colony military commander) wherever she could. She looked up to her mother and wanted to be in the military as she was. Her brother and she went together to Orthorbbae to get a proper education fitting children of the noble class. Together with her brother she went back to Nuqrah'shareh she continued her studies and military training. The latter both in the military academy and in family by their best swordswomen. She gained on Aara'toskr in skills as he cared for the little sister born ten years after the twins.
As opposed to her brother she never got any feelings for the Sarghress way of rule. She stands fully in support of the traditional rule of females and the rule of queen Nega'fanea. When the Saosh colony was raided by what was believed Sarghress, she wanted to follow Roon'vos to Chel a few years back but was held back. Later on she was admitted to go there when there was a scheduled change of troops.
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby sunhawk » Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:40 pm

So this is the character I sponsored.

http://www.drowtales.com/wordpress/wp-c ... Neps-1.png

A Kyorl named Neps.

around Quain'tana's age. He is a sealer and has light affinity. belongs to the order of serenity. a light elf/drowusso mix born in chel. He turned grey early because centuries of travel to and on the surface kept him away from the underworld's large mana pools. he can't see in low light like other drow. a wife named nanna, children, and grand children. he is known for talking about his grand kids at inappropriate times. is a soft touch when dealing with children and low born. though when on the job as a soldier for kyorls he is as disciplined to almost a fault. which causes him great anguish when his desire to help innocents and low born conflict with his duty to fight demons and summoners. these days he tries to make up for his time away by being around the family as much as possible. he has hung up his shield, warhammer, and plate armor for wood worker's tools at the colony. Making furniture and toys.
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby Winterwolf88 » Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:12 pm

Thank you for taking the time to compile a cameo list. That is very kind of you. :)
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Re: Sponsored Cameo Database

Postby vlashrod » Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:04 pm

Nehle's sheet updated :3

-Name : Nehleanee Vel’Sharen (Female)
-Age : 150 years
-Clan/faction : Sharen/Nidraa'chal
-Mother : Elhean'ess Val'Sharen – Daughter of Zala'ess
-Father : Melas'ryon Val'Beldrobbaen – Son of Waes'soloth
-Mate : Dath'lyn Maedralen (Feldian merchant)
-Two daughters : Shelaan'rel (10 years old) and Seh'lenee (6 months)
-Half-sister : Ischa Val'Beldrobbaen

Living in : Felde

-Job : Sharen Liaison for Felde (Nidraa'chal spy)
-Race : Ver’Drowendar
-Role : Summoner

-Physical appearance : Nehleanee is a tall drow. She’s well commensurated, fine and svelte. Her face look confident and severe, always smiling. The features are sharp and enjoyable. The hairs are dark purple, into a poyntail smooth and long, going down all her backside. Her eyes were silver before the tainting.
-Clothes : Nehleanee prefers long dresses with, to an extent, some revealing parts. She wears a crown with three purples gems.

-Personality : Nehleanee is a cheerful lady but, like any val, she is haughty and able to be arrogant with non-vals peoples. She has a deep love and care for her childs and is in good terms with her Beldrobbaen family. Ischa, her half-sister, is a close bond for her and she loves to tease her young and childless sibling about romances, loves and ravishings.
On her Sharen family, things are more to qualify. Nehleanee respects and love her sisters and brothers, as well her own grand-mother to some points. But she has difficulties to accept the fact that Zala'ess use her childs and grand-childs as pawns. And she doesn't like the fact that some young aunts of her could be her superiors while they are still childs or very young adults without experience. She has no problems with Zala's older daughters but some characters like Chrys'tel are points of curteous defiance.
She is also proud of her beauty and wears revealing clothes. She loves the presence of males around her, seduction plays and good times but she has high standards about her potential partners, only choosing Vals and members of elevated clans or families.

Some points of history :
Nehleanee is born from a political union between Zala'ess and Waes'soloth. When the two of them came to a deal one of the condition was a mating between two childs from each family. Zala choose her young daughter Elhean'ess who was attending her during the negociations and gave her until the next week to meet Waes's son, Melas'ryon, and begin to fulfill the contract. Elhean'ess gave before her mother's authority and joined her new mate but, with time, she managed to develop a bound with him.
After the birth, the young drow was raised into the Sharen Family by her mother but often kept contact with her Beldrobbaen family. She was very curious and cheerful and when she entered Orthobbae she managed to be a good student, specializing herself into the art of summoning.
She also managed to develop a fine talent in speechs, negocations and politicals matters.

Soon after her graduation, her mother died during a battle between the Sharens and the Sarghress, leaving the young Nehle into a deep sadness. Zala'ess, under the advising of Diva'ratrika, decided to out Nehle's skills into use by appointing her as envoy at Snadhya'rune's court. Like this, Diva could keep an eye on her eldest and keep a dialogue between her daughters into the clan.
Right before her journey to Felde, Nehle met her young half-sister Ischa at the Beldrobbaen fortress, her bound with her will grow stronger than the one with her others Sharens siblings.

Arrived to Felde, the young Sharen fell in love with the ostentation of the refined city. Away from Zala'ess and her madness of control, Neheanee pleased herself into her new place, doing the job what her grandmother entasked her for but slowly walked away from her own family.
But Snadhya'rune had some plans for the new girl into her court and began to corrupt Nehle during the next years. The Eldest Daughter was smart to use at her advantage Nehle's weakness such as her love of the city and the fact that Zala'ess was too strict upon the fate andthe purpose of her own children. Using the memory of Nehle's mother and how she was forced to mate by her own parent, Snadhya offered her a free life where she could raise her own family and a higher social status if she would work for her. She was planning to use her as her own spy and agent, returning the plan of keeping an eye on her against its own plotter.
Nehleanee, seduced by many promises, joined Snadhya's side and became an agent of the new Nidraa'chal group and accept the distinctive tainting of her new allegiance.

Soon after she fought during the nidraa'chal uprising as a member of Kalki's group, slaughtering her own former clanmates with the use of many of nether gates. After the fight, Snadhya appointed her to rejoin Zala'ess side and spy on her.
During this time, Nehle travelled often between Chel and Felde as the fine double-agent she was.
In her Feldian place, she met during a celebration the man who will become her mate : the son of a wealthy merchant family of Felde. They gradualy came closer together and Nehle gave birth after a short time to her first child : Shelaan'rel.
But the events in Chel kept growing under Snadhya'rune plot. Nehle had to follow Zala'ess during her journey to Nuqrah'shareh, constantly giving report of her action. She returned to Chel with the new Alliance of her Grandmother and witnessed the summoning of the Demon God. Nehle defected her Sharen Family clan during the poisonning of Zala'ess and came back to her Nids companions side, helping Snadhya during her plots.
Right after a new but fragile era of peace took place. During this period of three years, Nehleanee gave birth to her second daughter : Seh'lenee. But a few months after the birth, Snadhya'rune decided to put into action her new gained Airship and included Nehle to the crew.

Concepts :

Young Nehle : https://drowtales.deviantart.com/art/Vl ... -727032448
Concept art :
http://wiki.drowtales.com/images/7/7c/C ... leanee.png
http://wiki.drowtales.com/images/1/18/C ... eanee2.png
http://wiki.drowtales.com/images/f/f2/C ... eanee3.png
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