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Sillice, Angry, Bitter but not a monster!

Sillice, Angry, Bitter but not a monster!

Postby The Real Enigma » Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:53 am

Years back I questioned if Sillice was simply a sadistic monster or if she was more than that.*blush*
I have been studying Chapter 00 and in looking carefully at Sillices behavior and choice of words I am convinced that unlike the sadistic woman she simply seemed to be she is actually capable of and has shown love and kindness to others. Admittedly she is probably a strict matron but also a loving one.

During the war depicted in chapter 0 it's clear Sillice lost more than just her title as a noble woman, she also lost her precious family.
I think the reason she was so unkind to Syphile is because a. she was tainted, b. when she looked at her she saw the cause of her loss and probably saw in Syphile a glimmer of what she had lost. What I mean by that is she probably saw her own daughters and resented being forced to raise someone who reminded her of the cause of her loss and of what she lost.

Bitter and angry Sillice vented her feelings on Syphile rather than perhaps drawing her close to her and making the same error Syphile made with Ariel: she saw only something that had taken away everything she had considered good in her life and that blinded her to the possibility of cultivating her charge as an ally.

In conclusion, Sillice was in my view wrong to take out her feelings on someone who had nothing to do with her loseing all she held dear but on the other hand had I had to go through the same ordeal I don't know how I would deal with it. Sillice may have some anger management issues and then some but she's really not a terrible person.
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